Bill Spanswick

Alex had a very memorable evening.  My friend's father in law pitched for the Red Sox in 1965 and he was in town for his grandson's birthday.  I sheepishly asked if I could bring Alex over for an autograph.  We read up on him on the internet, including this article and headed over with a new baseball and a sharpie.

He was so humble and friendly that we both left with stars in our eyes!  His son graciously gave Alex a signed baseball card and as Bill signed the ball he commented that the players today just scribble their names.  He also mentioned that the players today are much more vocal and back in his day they didn't dare open their mouths.  I wanted to sit and chat with him longer but we didn't want to crash the birthday party.

The card looks just like this one but with a signature.  Alex set it on the car seat on the way home, afraid to touch it.


Mother Goose said…
How COOL is that?? Yay Alex!!
LBJ11 said…
What a delight! Nothing like a history lesson you can meet and touch.

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