Bread Week

I got my machine on Thursday and quickly made a loaf of white bread.  Then I set the timer overnight and made cinnamon raisin bread.  On Friday I made pretzel rolls to go with our dinner.  Friday night I set the timer to make a loaf of whole wheat bread.  Today I made bagels that are so good I think if we were not already married Allan would have proposed to me for.  We're down to $55.98/loaf or just $4.67 per bagel.  I just toasted one and put butter on it and it was worth $4.67!  Recipe here.


Mother Goose said…
Mmmmmmm, homemade bagels for my breakfast sandwiches! Can't wait!
Can you make brioche in that thing?
scissorbill said…
yes, in fact, I made a loaf of challah yesterday

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