In Loving Memory


It's been a bad week for small appliances.  A few months ago my stand mixer started wheezing so I put it away and started using the hand mixer and my own muscles.  Yesterday I got it out to make banana bread (which apparently is another good freezer breakfast idea) and it made it's last circumnavigation around the bowl.  

And today I put the ingredients in the bread maker and got it going only to hear it's motor give out shortly after combining everything.  My mom & dad gave this machine to Allan for Christmas just after we got engaged.  I've made many, many loaves of bread in this thing.  And now I can get one that has a collapsable paddle and makes commercial looking loaves.  

Hey babe, we've outlasted the bread maker we are in the big leagues now!

So I had a ball of dough and both of my dough kneading appliances are dead.  I had to hand knead it and let me tell you I'll have a new machine on it's way to my house before that dough is ready to be punched down.  


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