LEGO Pinata

1.  Find a cardboard box and cut holes in the top to insert hanging rope.
2.  Cut the extra support out of the inside or the kids will be whacking all day long.
3.  Cut a false bottom with X-acto knife, fill pinata with candy and loose LEGOs and lightly tape false bottom in place with masking tape. 

4.  Wrap the box in Solo cup coordinating wrapping paper.  I got this at Walmart.  Cut holes to accommodate the rope.
5.  Cut Solo cups along handy dandy line.  Hot glue to box.  Don't measure, just eyeball.  Unless the engineer is home, then for goodness sake measure twice.
6.  Admire your work.  Marvel at your $3.47 low cost creation.  Find an adult beverage to pour into a leftover Solo cup.  Sing the song, you've earned it.  Let's have a party!

Update: it took 6 direct hits with a baseball bat to spill it's contents. 


LBJ11 said…
That's brilliant!

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