Peanut Butter

I scooped the last of the six pound can of peanut butter I bought in June today.  And the last two times I've been to Sam's they didn't have the big cans.

I did buy a 25 pound sack of bread flour and have made 6 batches of bagels, 5 loaves of bread, 1 batch of pretzel rolls, 1 batch of pizza dough and a pound cake in my new machine.  We're down to under $20 a loaf now!  The bulk flour brings my ingredients cost way down, it's only 32¢ for the flour for a dozen bagels.  And that's the most costly ingredient.  


LBJ11 said…
You bought your bread maching 11 days ago and made all this bounty in that time. To quote "The Princess Bride" INCONCEIVABLE!
scissorbill said…
With my history it'll probably be used a few times this week then go into a six month hibernation!

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