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Missing Tooth

This is number two.  It was bothering him for several days and finally fell out in school.  The nurse gave him a treasure box to put it in but somehow it fell out.  Luckily I had a spare tooth on top of the dryer to give him (I think it was Alex's...)  I wonder how many teeth the elementary school janitors vacuum up annually.


I've known for awhile that Tom seems to prefer me.  But this morning he spelled it out loud and clear.

To Me:
"Good morning!  How did you sleep last night?"  (good)  "Were you dry last night?"  (yes) "Good...good...lady, you get a star!"

To Allan:
"Hey!  Why are you here all the time?" (when kissed) "Grrr, you're stinky and you don't get a star."

The Beast

I'm running my last twenty miler tomorrow.  It's been weighing heavily on my mind.  Mostly, I want it done because after that I start my taper for the race so I'll only have one twelve and two eights mixed in with some easy 2-6ers.  And since it'll be the fifth time in my life I've done this distance it's lost the new and exciting appeal that it once had.  I know it'll make me feel even more tired than eighteen did last weekend.

But I'm excited for the race and excited to try the new strawberry shot blocks so this is a dragon I just have to slay.

Famous Dave

David had a great time at the first Cub Scout meeting of the year.  And his picture is on the local Patch site.

Picky Tom

Tom still eats only a handful of foods.  Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, shredded cheese, chicken nuggets, french fries, baby food sweet potato, yogurt, graham crackers, granola bars (Quaker only), rice, cous cous, and sweets of most kinds.

But we're making some progress getting him to try new things.  Allan is making some progress getting him to try new things.  After he vomited all over the table when we forced him to try a bite of carrot I was done.  But yesterday he had sliced cheese in his sub for lunch and tasted a meatball and a piece of pasta for dinner.  His preschool teacher said she's making it her personal mission to get him to eat the crackers they serve at snack time.  If it's not graham and you're not willing to hold his arms down and force it in I say, "Good LUCK!"


There was a lovely little 5K family fun race at LEGO yesterday.  I signed Allan up for it initially and then wanted to run myself so he let me take his number and watched the kids while I ran.  My time was 28:45, a personal best for both of us.  It was weird crossing the finish line and hearing them call his name though!

Alex ran his mile in  an amazing 7:44 and David and Tom ran the quarter mile.  Well, David ran the quarter mile and Tom walked it crying because he wanted to go back in the bounce house.

They raised over $10,000 for Griffin's Friends Children's Cancer Fund.

Mr. Sticky

My mom and I are suckers.  We were at BJ's wholesale club and a man walked by and told us he'd be giving away free gifts in a few minutes.   I thought, "yeah right." And they announced the promotion three times.  We ignored it.  And then wavered.

We found the booth.  The salesman had charisma.  He handed out small microfiber cleaning cloths and told us they'd be our tickets to show we were there early and could get in on the special.  He started demonstrating a lint roller that you can wash and reuse.  It was called Mr. Sticky.  It looked good but he told us they sell the full size and the travel size for $29.95 and we were about to walk away when he promised another free gift.

He picked up spilled kitty litter, took cat hair off velvet and then washed and reused it.  My mom said let's go two times and then he announced the long-handled super Mr. Sticky would be included in the deal and it was good today only.

And, somehow both of us walked away $29.95 li…

The Big E

My mom & I went to the Big E today, once with Tom while the big boys were in school and again after Allan got home from work.  The Eastern States Exposition is a fair showcasing all of New England.  My favorite part was the avenue of the states where each of the six states had a building with food and unique vendors.  Well, unique except for the maple syrup which seemed to be in all of them.  Together we tried in order from best to least:

Roasted Corn & Shrimp Chowder from Rhode Island

Wild Blueberry Pie from Maine

Big E Signature Cream Puff

Fried Scallops from Rhode Island

Fresh Red, Yellow, & Orange Raspberries from Massachusetts

Maine Baked Potato

Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream  from Vermont

Vermont Apple Cider Doughnuts

Rhode Island Fried Shrimp

Beignets from the midway

Watermelon Ice from RI

I wanted to try so many other things but a person only has so much room!


We had a wonderful getaway race.  We left after the boys' sports yesterday and arrived in coastal Rhode Island just in time to pick up our race packets.  We checked out the Misquamicut state beach area and had a delicious fried seafood dinner.  Then on to Mystic, CT to check into the hotel and then go out for ice cream.

This morning we ran the half marathon.  We started together and then decided not to force ourselves to stick together.  The views were stunning.  I had a perfectly timed personal best by a good 3 minutes (no official results yet) and Allan finished after me and running but his leg was bothering him enough that he wasn't happy with his time.

They had fabulous clam chowder along with the usual fare at the finish line then I soaked my sore legs in the ocean water.

Back in Mystic we gorged ourselves at Five Guys-each eating a double bacon burger and sharing a large fries.  We drove home and laid around like corpses and soon my mom will be serving us my favorite …

Surftown Half Playlist

Ready to Run*Dixie Chicks Guide My Feet*First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn
It's Not My Time*3 Doors Down
Lover, Lover*Jerrod Niemann
Wild At Heart*Gloriana
I'm Shipping Up to Boston*Dropkick Murphys
Beer For My Horses*Toby Keith
Boom Boom Pow*Black Eyed Peas
Save A Horse [Ride A Cowboy]*Big & Rich
Give A Little Bit*Goo Goo Dolls
Days Go By*Keith Urban
Stronger [Explicit]*Kanye West
Time for Me to Fly*REO Speedwagon
Rumour Has It *Adele
Bitch Came Back*Theory of a Deadman
Home*Phillip Phillips
We No Speak Americano (Remix)*Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
Wavin' Flag*K'naan
Empire State Of Mind*Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
Just Push Play*Aerosmith
Knee Deep (Feat. Jimmy Buffett)*Zac Brown Band
Smile*Uncle Kracker
Tonight Tonight*Hot Chelle Rae
SexyBack (feat. Timbaland)*Justin Timberlake
We Run the Night*Flo Dancer
Don't Treat Me Bad*Firehouse
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)*Kelly Clarkson
Good Feeling*Flo Rida
Call Me Maybe*Carly Rae Jepsen
Drive By*Train


I made dinner on Wednesday night and noticed it had boiled over in the oven.  And, of course, completely forgot about it yesterday morning when I decided to make a cake for my friend's birthday.  I  preheated the oven and realized I was out of all purpose flour and took advantage of the fact that my mom is here and ran to the grocery store.

While I was gone the smoke set off the fire alarm which is no ordinary alarm.  It chirps and a man's voice announces, "fire!  leave immediately!" David did exactly that without a word ran out into the front yard.  Fortunately Allan was still home because my mom was in her bathrobe.

And then we took Tom to school, I ran ten miles, picked him up, went to Five Guys and let him play at a playground then story hour at the library and a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Starbucks in time to get the three boys off the bus, etc. so I was too tired to deliver the cake (good thing I had planned it as a surprise) so we were forced to have i…


I'm always sad on September 11th but then the stories of the heroes' bravery and my memory of Americans pulling together in the aftermath make me feel better.

Tom had a great first day of school.  I got so much done including a five mile run.

We're looking forward to a half marathon this weekend since my mom is coming to town and will babysit it's the first race we've both participated in but Allan has a sore leggy (that's Tom terminology) and I'm afraid he has a stress fracture but I think he's going to run anyway.  He may or may not be injured and he's been too busy to focus on training lately so this might be my one and only chance to beat him.  If I were more tenderhearted I wouldn't let that happen I'd stay with him to make sure he's okay but I hope if the tables were turned he'd smoke me so I guess that's what I'll have to try to do to him.

David was having some problems being teased on the bus but that seems to hav…


Tom has been so excited to start preschool and today was the orientation.  He left my side ASAP and I had to drag him out of there.  He is barely limping anymore.
Tomorrow is the big day!

Sick Tom

Last night Tom started limping out of the blue.  We couldn't figure out what happened and couldn't agree on what was hurting him.  Allan thought it was his knee and I thought it was his hip.  He was fine except he couldn't walk.  :)

After playing phone tag with the on-call nurse and giving him ibuprofen it was after nine and he was half asleep so we just put him to bed.

This morning instead of starting soccer he went to the doctor and got the scary sounding diagnosis of toxic synovitis.  A few more hours of waiting, an X-ray of the hip (I was right!) and blood work and then an X-ray of the other hip for comparison and we were back home.  His doctor called this afternoon to report everything normal and the inflamation should just go away on it's own.  Whew!  We are all relieved that it is nothing serious.

I know it was crazy but I kept thinking of my friend from Lowell who's daughter's leukemia presented itself with a limp.

He's hobbling about like Tiny T…


I get my hair cut every five weeks.  I arrived at my appointment yesterday evening and was told that my stylist is on vacation and she didn't have my phone number to reschedule but if I wanted to stay Laurie would cut my hair.   Clue #1.  I should have run screaming.

I told her I wanted a trim on the layers, 1/2 inch off since I come every five weeks.

She spent four times as long as it normally takes.  Clue #2!

She asked me if I am growing out my bangs.  I said no.  (I don't have bangs.)  I felt her cut bangs in one giant snip.  Clue #3 but by this time it was too late.

When I was a kid my neighbor used to groom his own dog.  The dog, named Fluffy, would hide for days after this happened.  I feel like Fluffy, no longer fluffy.  A king sized snickers and then a quadruple Twix and large glass of wine made me feel more like myself.

It's super short over my occiput and then she tried to blend it in.  It sticks out over my ears but then is short everywhere else.  There will…


I checked out Willa Cather's book, "My Antonia" last spring because I didn't read it in high school and I've always meant to come back to it.  It sat on my nightstand for two three week checkout periods plus several renewals and I was only half-way through it.  So I wasn't reading anything.

I requested the audiobook and finished all but the last 3 tracks on an eighteen mile run a few weeks ago.  Which freed me up to start reading, "The Midwife's Confession" by Diane Chamberlain based on my sister's recommendation.  I'm not done yet, but it's good!

And got me hooked on audiobooks while I run.  So last night I finished Lionel Shriver's, We Need to Talk About Kevin."  I loved it.

But, really, I'm just so relieved to be done with My Antonia.  I'm not sure if Mrs. Hunsaid is still alive but I can still hear her voice pronouncing all the characters' names.

What should I read next?

Oh, and Alex has been reading a b…

Two Pops Stuck Together!

As spoiled as my kids are, David was not familiar with good old fashioned popsicles.  I gave him 75¢ so he could buy ice cream in the cafeteria after lunch on Friday.  He came home and told me all wide eyed how they have two pops stuck together that you can buy!

When I was a kid you could buy a whole box for seventy five cents.


I'm enjoying an alarm-free Monday.  I created an alarm to wake up, one to drop Tom off at preschool (starts 9-11) and one to pick him up.  Plus the two bus alarms for Alex and David.  And the boy I'm watching gets one alarm totaling eight.  I labelled them in case I croak Allan will know who what when and where.