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Pumpkin Carving

Alex did his completely on his own this year.

Alex, Tom, David


When I started running in May 2010 I thought it would be cool to track my mileage from here in Connecticut to my hometown of Minot, ND.  I guess I haven't checked in awhile because from here to Minot is 1,819 miles and my total is 2,088 miles so far.  And I'm planning four more this morning.
I wonder where I'm going!

If I'm taking this route I'd like to get my ass out of Wyoming.


We are grateful for having experienced nothing more than wind and rain.

Battening Down the Hatches

We're as ready for Sandy as we can be.  We put the pumpkins in the garage and the grill is in the basement.

We have a camp lantern and plenty of batteries as well as several flashlights and candles.  We can use our gas cooktop to heat water and cook.  We have more than a gallon of water per person for three days.  Both cars are full of gas and all devices charged.

I stocked up on nonperishable food and paper plates.  I did all the laundry.  I located the French press and got ground coffee.  We have a good supply of dog food.

And our oatmeal stockpile has been moved out of the basement in case we take on water.  There are 400 packets!

We've turned the temperature down on the fridge and freezer, eaten as much frozen food over the last several days and filled the nooks and crannies with bags of water to insulate what is there.

Stay safe, everone!

Army Guy

David loves anything Army or camouflage.  Grandma Arlene made the jacket, it's embroidered with our last name.  I dug around in Allan's old Air Force uniform box and found the hat.  I put eye shadow on his face but this was an hour into a two hour Halloween party and he's already fading.  I think I'll put some primer on first for the real deal.

Dolphin Tale

Tom likes to shove his legs into our pillowcases and pretend he's a dolphin.  I have to pet his tail.


Alex quit the saxophone.   He told me on October 1st that he wanted to quit.  I told him to give it a month and see if he still feels that way.  His music teacher called me to ask why he's been missing lessons and I told her he claims it's always during math and his teacher won't let him leave.  She argued and I informed her that I think he's losing interest.

He asked this morning if he could quit and Allan and I both agreed but told him he'd have to do the dirty work himself.  He spoke to the music teacher and now she wants a note from us.  Done.

I wish he'd continue but a reluctant musician isn't somebody who belongs in the band.


I started reading this book a few years ago and couldn't finish it, it just wasn't holding my interest.  Alex was looking for a book recently so I gave it to him.
The curious incident of the dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

He read it and summarized it for me, revealing the mystery.  And then his teacher told him it was a high school level book and if he's going to be reading at that level his written thoughts need to be done at a higher level as well.  Ha!


I finished in 5:01:24
So close yet so far away!  Oh well, it's fifteen minutes faster than the last one.

I also got my first speeding ticket on the way there.  I guess I can't have that put in my eulogy.


My husband is back.

My marathon is tomorrow and I've spent the day pretending to be sessile.

My Tom ate pasta for dinner.  I forced the first piece in his mouth, he gagged.  I trained the next couple in pretending to be Gordon and Percy and Edward and he ate the next couple of bites on his own-victory!  Especially since we learned that rice has arsenic in it.


I've been responsible for five kids today.  But not all five at once.  I had:
Alex, David & Tom until 7:20
David & Tom until 8:10
Tom until 9:00
-nobody-until noon (this was my favorite part!)
Tom until 12:45
Tom and Rachael my friend's 10 month old until 3:00
Alex got home, Rachael left, Matt my after school boy arrived all from 3:00-3:30
Matt left at 5:15
Alex & Tom until we picked up David at 6:00 from after school bowling.

And they'll go to bed in this order:
Tom at 7:30
David at 8:00
Alex at 9:00
Me shortly after!

Car Seat

I  wanted to surprise Allan by having his car detailed while he was in Denmark so my friend gave us a ride after we dropped it off yesterday.  Tom rode in her son's seat and she mentioned two things that I didn't know:
a) the car seat he is in is only good for up to forty pounds
b) the Honda LATCH system is only good for forty pounds

I knew he had to be four years and forty pounds to go in a booster seat but with David we waited a year after that (he was probably not forty pounds though) because he's all over the place and I liked the security of the harness.  I was planning on doing the same with Tom.  I put him on the scale and he's 39.5 pounds so I guess I'll be buying a new seat, she recommends one called the Nautilus, and installing it in the car with the seatbelt not the LATCH.


I ran past the cutest little homemade squash stand in a residential area.  So I had to return to buy some squash.  I love it and they were only $1 apiece.  Of course, now that I have them home I'm glad I only had $11 in my wallet.

On My Own

I got married when I was twenty.  I moved from my parents' house to the college dorms back to my parents' house for the summer and then got married.  And since Allan was in the Air Force we moved to Ohio two months after we got married.

And I had a bad car accident and totalled my car right before I met him and spent the first year of our dating relationship at college four hours away without a car.  This was before everybody had computers.  I think we were able to email but it was his work account.  Anyway I was used to driving in small town North Dakota but shaken after the accident and then we moved to Ohio.

I got a job on campus and we lived only a mile or two away so I rode my bike to and from school.  And then he had to go on a business trip.  And he needed me to take him to the airport.  I was so nervous about driving on the highway that I can remember shaking on the way to the airport.  And when I finally made it back to our little apartment I bought junk food and a…

Birthday Boy

He's eight years old today!

He Wins

Allan wins the better Christian award.

We decided to go to the early service because Alex had to be at baseball at 11:15.  Then Tom had us up in the middle of the night after he wet the bed so we overslept.

Childcare at the Y closes at 12:30 and I had to run for an hour and a half so I couldn't go to the late service so I just put on my running clothes and Allan put on his baseball watching clothes and we took the boys to Sunday school.

Then we got an email that baseball was rained out.  So I could have run after church but I was wearing running clothes so I didn't want to go.  And we didn't bring our offering.  But Allan went and I went home feeling like an asshole.

Dog Runner

When I grow up I want to be a professional dog runner.  

I could work while the kids are in school.  The worst part of the job would be scooping poop and as a nurse I had to deal with much worse.

Help me think of a cute name for my business.


I was thrilled about the new 'do not disturb' feature on my phone.  I used to toggle the silent button on when I went to bed at night.  Sometimes I'd forget.  More often I'd forget to flip it back on in the morning and miss calls later in the day.

Now I have it automatically set to go to DND mode at 10pm and to go back to normal at 7am.  My alarms function during this time as usual.

I didn't realize that you can (should) customize the settings by going to Settings: Notifications: Do Not Disturb and disengage repeated calls.

Because even though I had it selected to only allow calls from my favorites any caller who makes a repeat call within three minutes will be put through.

So jerk from New York calls at 0412 and is silenced.  He calls again at 0413 and my phone rings waking us up.  I answer and hear something about South Jersey.  I tell him he has the wrong number.  He repeats South Jersey.  I repeat wrong number.  Allan says, "just hang up!" and I do…

Picture Day


ING Hartford Marathon Volunteer

I signed up to volunteer at the marathon this weekend.  I'll be a course monitor at mile 2 for the half marathon.  Which is about perfect because it means I can participate and be home in time for the boys' soccer.

I wish I was running it.  The race feels special to me.  But Baystate is 8 days later and while I probably could run the half marathon at an easy pace I didn't feel like paying $70 to do so.

I remember running along prior to the 13.1 mile mats and seeing the elite runners fly by me.  They were running, I was running but that's where our similarities ended.  It was amazing, I can't wait to see it again, this time when they pass me I really will be standing still!


I'm toying with Twitter.  I've heard Facebook is where you can connect with all the people you went to high school with and Twitter is where you can connect with all the people you wish you had gone to high school with.

If I hadn't joined I would have missed this:

Happy Columbus Day, we had a similar holiday called Vader Day that celebrated the destruction of Alderaan.
— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) October 8, 2012

Alex's Essay

The CMT’s. 10 days of horror filled…TESTS!!! Would you enjoy being in my place, with strict rules, stress, and testing? It’s not fun. Reading comprehension, math, science. A test a day keeps the fun away! Earlier bedtimes! No late night football for you, Mr.! In other words, It’s annoying, I know! You have less time to play with your videogames and toys! Everything, I mean everything, seems earlier. Next, at school it seems so melting hot! When it’s hot, it gives me less concentration. Less concentration makes it harder to do work! Kids and teachers alike complain! If teachers complain, than it must be bad.
For years, the one thing I dreaded the most is the CMT’s. Testing every single day for ten days! Science has stuff I hardly remember from 3rd grade! For me the DRP’s are easy.So for me, it’s a waste of time. By the way, testing is boring. It seems like it takes forever! Another problem is that there is so much stress floating around. Just consider it always seems like I have to get …

Quiet Time

Tom quit napping six months ago.  When Alex and David went back to school, David to full days for the first time, it got quiet around here.  Tom started attempting to get me to entertain him.  I don't entertain kids.

I implemented quiet time.  He goes to his room for an hour.  There are toys up there.  He complains but waits for me to ring the bell that releases him.

Today he got awfully quiet.  Before ringing the bell I opened his door to check on him.  He wasn't there.  I pictured him in our bedroom playing with the iPad but he wasn't there either.  I saw him when I took a closer look in his room:
It was orange day at preschool.  That must have tired him out!