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Hip Hip Hooray

I can check out books for my Kindle through the state's library system.  My grandma and mom were visiting for Thanksgiving so I thought I'd put a couple of books I had checked out onto their Kindles.  I honestly didn't see anything wrong with it since I would have let them read physical books.

It didn't work.  And my account was suspended.  My regular library account was also suspended so I was sweating when I went in to explain myself.  The librarian said everything looked okay from her end and I was able to check out the dollar bill origami book I'd requested from another branch.

And last night I logged into the account and I'm back up with Kindle books!  My backup plan was to join the Philadelphia library for $35/year and check out ebooks there but I'm so happy that I'm legit again in my own town.


I think the two sick boys are feeling better after their second day home from school.  They built a wall of cushions to keep Nugget out of the living room and then made Duplo swords to use in their patrol.


We now get milk delivered.  I love those glass bottles.

Runner in Training

David has been running laps at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The PTO organizes a club and he can earn little footprint tokens for a certain number of laps.  What a cute idea and he is so proud of his little foot.

Ping Pong

I want to say Allan brought this ping pong table from his childhood home when his parents moved in 2002 or 2003.  We've moved it at least once and never had room/time to set it up.  

He cleaned out the basement and set it up and the boys have been downstairs playing everyday since.  Tom has a hospital bracelet on because he stuck a LEGO in his ear and had to go to the ER to have it removed.  Why do those things always happen after hours and on the weekends?

Work Out/Eat In

I wanted to do an eat at home challenge for the month of November but my mom asked me to wait so we could enjoy some meals out while she was here.  So I'm going to work out every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas and eat in.  Except on December 2nd when we take Tom to Friendly's for his birthday.

We had a very simple Thanksgiving meal yesterday.  I polled everyone to make sure we were including  their favorite parts and we had:
Cornbread Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Pie

I ran the Manchester Road Race with 14,999 other runners and 25-35,000 spectators so I got home at noon and didn't have time to make rolls and decided to skip a vegetable dish.   I don't like stuffing so, when I looked down at my plate and saw only three things (turkey, potato/gravy, cranberry),  I wondered if we had oversimplified but I just finished it and had another round and then a piece of each kind of pie and felt stuffed as usual.  So I say we di…

Night Away

It's been a busy couple of days.  Grandma Phyllis and my mom are visiting for Thanksgiving.  Grandma has COPD and she caught a cold and was having trouble breathing.  So she was admitted to the hospital Monday morning.  She is much better and came home with us yesterday.  And Allan and I decided instead of enjoying just dinner out we'd spend the night at Mohegan Sun casino.  So we did and it was wonderful.  And now we're looking forward to a nice, quiet Thanksgiving.  Wishing the same for you.


This is a Japanese restaurant I spotted in a shopping plaza yesterday.
The sign on the left says, "We're vacation! To spend time for 3 weeks to reopen 11/15/2012."  The blue sign on the right says, "Restaurant closed for health code violation."

Guess where we are not going to be eating today!

A Treat

My mom and grandma are here for Thanksgiving.  Allan is in Denmark again until Friday.  Nugget is not right.

Normally he's a pain in the butt.  Now he's beyond a pain and really bothering everyone especially Grandma Phyllis.

I could hear her telling him no from her bed this morning.  I yelled up to him and she said to me, "I gave him a treat and now I'm hoping he'll leave me along."

Fat chance!


Tom, in the bathroom, post automatic flush:
"My whoosh was loud!"


David told me veterinarians came to his school yesterday.  I am pretty sure he meant Veterans.


When the boys get a little crazy Allan puts in a P90X dvd and they take off their shirts and work off their energy.  It's a bad video but you get the idea.  Alex is punching, David is showing his fists and Tom is rotating.

Snow Day

We got a couple of inches of snow and there's a two hour delay this morning.  David's window shade was shoved aside when I got up and I can just imagine him looking outside in wonder!  We haven't had a good covering of snow in two years.

Four More Years

Our neighbor got the cutest lab puppy and Allan and I have been casually talking about getting a golden pup.  Since Nugget just turned eight and the average life expectancy of his breed is 10-12 years we hopefully will have him for four more years.  I don't know, puppies sure are cute but they're a lot of work.

And the nearest rescue requires no children under 6 and no invisible fences.  Hmmmmmmmmm.


I went to a cupcake decorating class at my library last night.  It was fun!  So far I've been to: dog training, a presentation by a bat lover, chocolate truffle making, a presentation by a woman who grew up in and left the Amish and now cupcakes.  I passed on couponing and a ghost storyteller.

Election Day Quote

"If the president wins again then Mitt Romney will just keep trying until he gets two turns."

                             -David, age 6


I cracked my very first double yolk egg yesterday!
My recipe called for three eggs and the second had the double so I was confused for a second when I looked in the bowl and still had a whole egg in my hand.  Would this egg have produced twin chickens?

First Communion

Last Sunday David took his first communion.  He had been reading the book and asked just prior to lining up.  Allan asked him some questions and gave his blessing right then and there and David received.

Now Tom is really jealous.

One of the musicians told me that Tom has been claiming it's his birthday in Sunday school every time they ask!

I Don't Sleep

David keeps telling us he doesn't sleep.   And I'm pretty sure he believes it even though every night I can hear him snoring from my room.  When he tells me he doesn't sleep I tell him that's fine but his body still needs to lie down and rest even if he doesn't sleep.

Here's a cute video from four years ago.


The boys had fun trick or treating.  We got 36 kids at our house and I need to remember that for next year because I always over buy.  We didn't trick or treat last year because we were escaping the power outage.

Alex went off with a friend and they covered quite a few houses.  He dumped out his candy and sorted it by type.  His scary guy costume is on it's fourth year.

David was quite concerned that someone would eat his candy while he is at school today.  His concerns are valid.  The eyeshadow dirt for his Army costume worked well.  Someone even recognized the Captain's rank.

Tom chose a mini Snickers, KitKat, and a Reese's peanut butter cup as his after school snack today.  A boy after my own heart.  His costume was Superman but it looks so much like Christopher Reeve I told his preschool teacher he was Christopher Reeve.