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Back to Reality

I took my mom to the airport this morning.  She was here for 9 days, spoiling me by treating me to countless lunches and candy and just all around helping me out.  She has learned my routine and now when she's here I can count on her to put the kids on or off the bus, put shoes and coat on Tom, empty the dishwasher, make meals, let Nugget in or out, and somehow sense when I'm at peak exhaustion and put the boys to bed.

And once I taught her not to leave crumbs in the butter she doesn't get on my nerves.  Much.  She did this annoying thing where she'd take a chip clip/clothespin thing and put it on my car lip balm.  Next time she's here I'm going to make sure that chip clip is back in the house where it belongs.  It probably was keeping a bag of Cadbury mini eggs shut until I ate them all.


My mom and I made homemade mozzarella cheese today.  Then we were so tired we had to use jarred sauce for our baked ziti.

I like to wear a headband to keep my hair off my face.  I'm never totally relaxed unless I have one on and everyone likes to make fun of me.  I would shave my head if I could.  I think I look more like a dairy maid making cheese with the headband on!

Garbage Day

A couple of weeks ago the snow melted and I had a chance to fill a bucket with dog poop.  It must have happened the day after garbage day because our big rolling trash can was empty when I dumped them in.  Then they froze, melted, froze, melted, froze, melted and turned into a puck of solidified shit that won't dislodge from the bottom of the can when the truck picks it up and tips it.  So every Tuesday I cross my fingers that this will be the day that we get rid of that mess.


I guess a dozen blog readers isn't enough for companies to send me free products in exchange for an honest review.  And it's tiring to read those endorsements anyway.  Here are five products I love and I willingly pay full price for:

Sprayway Glass Cleaner-this product sprays on as a thick foam and wipes away easily leaving a streak free shine.  I like that it doesn't mist all over the toothbrushes.  I can't remember how much I paid for it but I found it at Target.

Sam's Club Member's Mark Columbian Supremo coffee beans.  I like the taste of this coffee.  It's reasonably priced and fair trade certified.  $14.98 for 2 pounds at Sam's Club.

Casillero del Diablo wine.  I have a hard time in the liquor store.  I know little about wine but I know what I like.  I have four or five favorites but am always looking for one we both like for under $10.  I normally avoid blends but this one is a red blend from Chile and we both like it and it's $9.99 at the li…

Not Princess

I ran a small local half marathon today.  The Disney Princess Half is tomorrow and some runners from my old training group are running Disney.  Don't get me wrong, I would go Disney if I could but I made a mental list of things the race I ran had that Disney won't:

$12 or $15 entry fee ($140-$170 for the princesses)
ample race day registration available
reasonable start time (10:00 am vs 5:35 am)
free parking just steps from the start/finish
no lines for the bathrooms
dogs on the course-this girl was so excited to get started she cried until the pack started moving
I got high-fived from the race director at least four times on the course

no crowding at the water stops

To be fair, Disney has us beat on the following things:
medals (and none are better than Disney)
free park admission included (but who wants to walk around after?)
goody bags
on course porta potties
road closures, it got a little tight with traffic and snow


As much as I hate shopping it's fun to take my mom because she always buys me candy and lunch.  We dropped Tom off at preschool and went to:
Bed Bath & Beyond

Ulta JoAnn Penzey's Spices Fleet Feet Lululemon Whole Foods
Noodles & Co
Maximum Beverage
and back just in time to get Tom from school!

Canine Arthritis Cocktail

We had some of these little hot dogs leftover from the Super Bowl.  I was poking Nugget's aspirin in them and then I got him some Gluc/Chond and realized I could poke one pill in each end and he'd gobble it up without spitting out the pills.  He follows me around and wiggles his butt when I open up the medicine cabinet in the morning.

Four Day Weekend



Indoor triathlon: 20 minutes in the pool, 20 on the spin bike and 20 on the treadmill.  I did 925 yards, 11.4 miles and 2.03 miles.  I exceeded my goal in all three and had fun doing it.  I have a new respect for real triathletes though, the shortest ones are 820 yards, 12 miles, 3.1 miles.

However I earned a new medal with only a 1 hour time investment, up to this point my shortest medal earning time was over two hours.

Brendan + Ryan

I don't even know who these boys are but they like to write their names in the snow.  I wonder if Alex's addition of the heart between the two names will stop them?

Fun Dip

David passed out Fun Dip Valentines.  You know, the kind with the white stick that you lick and dip into the colored powder and lick off and repeat.  Then even though the stick tastes like sweetened Ivory soap you eat it when you're done.

If You Lay a Blanket on the Floor

If you lay a blanket on the floor a golden dog will lay on it.  If a golden dog is lying on it it must be pretty special so then a little boy will come along and wrap himself in it.  If a little boy wraps himself in the blanket he'll naturally start rolling around.  If the boy starts rolling in the blanket it will disturb the golden dog and he'll take off in search of greener pastures.  And if the dog is gone the blanket loses it's appeal and the boy will get up.  And you'll be left with a blanket on the floor.

Out of Hand

I think Valentine's day has gotten out of hand.  When I was a kid it was a huge treat that my dad (my mom) would get my sister and I a four pack of Russell Stover chocolates.  And we'd exchange Valentine cards and have one treat at our class party.

Now David's room parent had a parent bringing cookies, one bringing cupcakes and wanted juice boxes and goodie bags.  And most of the cards they exchange will have candy.

And we had a two hour delay on Tuesday so Tom's school started before David's and I needed to stop by the grocery store and when David saw the Valentine display he wanted to pick out special Valentines for our family.  I let him thinking they'd be the only ones set out on the table in the morning like years past.  Then he was consoling himself because he wouldn't have a surprise by saying that Alex and Tom would get him a surprise gift.  So I drug them to the store to pick up candy.

But, marking special occasions is important to David.  He ofte…


Allan arranged a tour of the LEGO model shop for David's scout den.  It was amazing.  The parents had as much fun as the kids.
And by the end we all thought this guy's name was DON'T TOUCH TOM.

Fat Tuesday

To celebrate Fat Tuesday I had one of those Snickers bars for breakfast.  The bad news is that it was the last one and Alex had one and Allan had one.  I cannot be trusted around chocolate.  I am NOT giving it up for lent.

Snow Day

The kids had no school Friday and no basketball Saturday and no Sunday school Sunday and now no school Monday.  My loving husband stopped by Walgreens to buy me a bagful of cope.

Pizza Man

David learned about careers at school.   Aim high, David!

Milk, Bread, Eggs

I went to the store on Thursday.  I bought our usual groceries.  I've been making most of our bread.  I forgot to pick up eggs at the farm on the way home and we have our milk delivered on Mondays.

So at the start of the snow yesterday we had four eggs, 1 gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Twenty seven inches of snow, a batch of homemade pudding, hot chocolate for the snow shovelers and we now have two eggs, a half gallon of milk and a half a loaf of bread.  I guess we're the only ones in the tristate area who can't have french toast for dinner!

We have approximately 10 pounds of bread flour, powdered milk and even flaxseeds which can be used as an egg substitute so I'm not concerned.


So there are 20 inches of snow headed our way.  I'm going to be different and not mention the weather today.  Unfortunately I have to shop for groceries BUT but I would go even if the forecast was sunny and warm.  They should put the milk, bread and eggs up front and make the crazies go to self checkout.


Two weeks ago I took Nugget for a run and two miles into it he stopped and I was tugging on his leash to get him to come along.  Then I noticed he was limping badly.  I called Allan to come and get him and since Allan had to pass us a bit to get onto the shoulder when he got out of the car Nugget took off toward his favorite person without a hint of a limp.

Then he was limping more that evening.  Our vet diagnosed him with arthritis two years ago because he would make a popping sound with one of his paws and she said he could have an aspirin twice a day for it.  I went out and bought some fresh aspirin, paying double for enteric coated because he is my sweetie sweetheart and have been giving him one in a hunk of cheese every morning and taking him only on short walks.

Then when we made those scallops one fell on the floor and he ate it and when there was one leftover I gave it to him and the next day 6 hours after he had his aspirin he threw up at the top of the stairs and there was…

Communion Without Tears

Tom cries when he gets rejected at the altar.  It breaks my heart because usually our pastor says everyone is welcome at God's table, you don't have to be a member of this church or any Lutheran church, Jesus is extending the invitation and all are welcome.  And then we tell our son that he is too young and can't participate when the rest of his family and several other young children (even babies) in the congregation receive.

I discovered that slipping him a Lifesaver right before he gets his blessing prevents the tears.  I just bought a pack of 48 so that's almost a year of communion without tears!

Super Bowl Snacks

We each picked a Super Bowl snack.  No pictures since the images affect my mom's reading comprehension.

Allan: buffalo wings
Me: cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeƱos
Alex: pigs in a blanket (crescent wrapped hot dogs)
David: root beer floats
Tom: green ice cream

Date Night Dinner

We had simple seared scallopshamburger buns turned into garlic bread, roast broccoli with olive oil, lemon & sea salt and molten chocolate lava cakes.  And lots of Casillero del Diablo red blend by Concha y Toro all in the comfort of our own home while the kids were at the Y and we didn't violate my no eating out pledge.


Allan has been sick with a bad cold for two weeks.  He finally took yesterday and today off to rest and get over it for good.  David and Tom are both just getting over colds with lingering cough.  Alex and I have remained well.  I was feeling a little smug about it last night.

This morning I woke to Tom standing next to my bed and sneezing right in my face.