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Love People Hate the Public

My title says it all. I took David and Tom to an Easter egg hunt on Friday. There were seven groups of kids (by age) over 2,400 eggs and my kids got six and four eggs each. We were a couple minutes late for the four year olds and Tom picked up two. A volunteer kindly gave him four more. We sat and watched the five year olds so we'd be ready for the sixes. There was a group of mothers that pushed themselves and their kids in front of us and I found myself wanting to tell David to push back when I realized this was about plastic eggs with small pieces of candy and not worth turning into the public I so despise. So David got four eggs. We brushed it off and went into the children's fair and played overpriced games for junky little prizes, in other words had a grand time for David and Tom and took our ten eggs home. Next year we will stay home and let those bitches grab all the eggs.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

When Parents Sleep In

David and Tom woke up early and were playing with their new angry bird stuffed animals. Apparently one got stuck on the ledge. And they thought throwing clothes would get it down. And they didn't learn that their plan wasn't working until they had half the hamper up there!

Allan caught them and I heard them get sent to their rooms and had to bite my tongue when I saw the mess.

*It became much less cute when I realized they pulled clean clothes out of their drawers to throw. And annoyed Alex when he couldn't find his jock strap before baseball and we realized it was up there with everything else!


I'm gathering up toys to sell at a tag sale. I found all the parts to this castle ball drop and remember Alex doing a dance the Christmas he was three, "I got a castle! I got a castle!"

In a few weeks hopefully it'll sell and I can say, "I got cash! I got cash!"

Step Saver

I made a peanut butter sandwich for David's lunch every weekday morning and again at noon for Tom's lunch for six months until I realized it would save a knife and a few steps if I made them both at the same time and put a second plate over the top of Tom's.

One of these days I will block out an afternoon and make several loaves of bread and assemble the sandwiches and freeze them because they defrost by lunchtime in a lunch box.

If I do that they will probably both start preferring something else!

Oleksak Half

* I had a cold over the weekend and decided to run the half marathon I'd registered for anyway.  I set a new personal best and now feel like I'm going to get pneumonia as a result!  I was better yesterday but spent too much time in the cold and now I feel like crap again.  I am committed to rest for the rest of the week.

Oleksak is a lumber company and the medals are made out of wood and very unique.

And here's a shout out to my friend Beth who babysat because Allan had the baseball draft.  Thank you, Beth!  I laugh every time she calls because I upgraded her ringtone to the song Beth by Kiss.  Oh, Beth what can I do?
Did I mention Allan is assistant coaching majors for Alex, tee ball for David, took over as den leader for the Cub Scouts because the original volunteer is having health problems and also agreed to run for church council?  It's going to be a busy spring and I'm seriously considering not doing the marathon in May and doing the half instead.  


Aunt Linda gave Alex and David their cups before Tom was born. He recently realized that he was missing from the lineup. I used to see them in toy stores all the time but had trouble locating one even online. I finally found one, paid too much and have a proud boy for my efforts.

Proud Auntie

My Godson Jameson had his First Communion today.  I'm so proud of him.  I would have made a cake if I lived closer!


I knew when I piped TIGER on the orange square that the actual badge says TIGER CUB and the others don't have cub but I chose to put just TIGER. I had the cake all boxed and wrapped and it started to bug me. Since I had time I took the cake out of the box and rolled out my leftover fondant and redid it. And while I was at it I put some gold on there too since you can't tell it's a gold cake until you cut it.

Blue & Gold Cake

This was fun. I made the patches in color flow but only three survived without cracking so I had to redo them in marshmallow fondant. Then I made the animal faces and fleurs de lis out of color flow and baked and froze the cake layers ahead of time so that's five large kitchen cleanups, four cake mixes, nine cups of buttercream and in total probably ten pounds of powdered sugar! I can't wait to see blue lipped smiles tonight!

Note for next year (and since Allan is the new tiger den leader I will need this) you can buy an edible Cub Scouts image for $10 and then just make the accompanying cake.

This is New


Busy Busy

I forget how much I rely on those buses that come and take my kids to school.  Yesterday we had a two hour delay and my car was scheduled to have some maintenance (new timing belt!) and we got a few inches of heavy icy snow and a two hour delay.  Alex's school then starts ten minutes before Tom's and David's 50 minutes later so David can't take the bus for Tom to be on time.  So I:

 0900 Picked Allan up at the repair shop
 0915 took him to work
 0950 took Alex to school
1000 took Tom to school
1010 went to the drugstore to get Alex a new notebook
1020 ran a mile on the treadmill at the Y with David in childcare
1050 took David to school
1150 ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the Y
1200 picked Tom up from preschool
1300 ran 3 miles at the Y with Tom in childcare

Whereas on a normal day I could have sent Alex on the bus, sent David on the bus, driven Allan to work and taken Tom to school for 0900 and ran and had time to get the notebook before picking him up at noon.

My Sister

Said it best and I was thrilled to have only a two hour delay today.

Lasha's Bite Cycle

I didn't help him build this but I've fixed it at least ten times today. I'm ready to throw it in the trash!!!!

O' Volunteers

Alex and I volunteered at a 5K race in Hartford today. He made me so proud. We were stationed at the finish line and we were to hand out water bottles and commemorative cups to the finishers. When the coordinator realized that the cups were individually wrapped in plastic sleeves and it was a windy day she asked us to unwrap them. Each box had 125 cups and he unwrapped two boxes by himself. It was in the 30's and he had to take his thick gloves off to work. He just did the job until it was done and then got right on the passing out. The coordinator complimented him and I was just so proud. There was an older teen there who probably unwrapped five glasses and then left early! Alex had a good observation when I told him next year we should run the race. He said, "and I will thank the volunteers!" Because, yes, some people were too tired/rude to thank him.

Chutes and Ladders



David has become an excellent reader. I am so proud of him, especially when I remember him struggling with letter identification right before he started kindergarten. He recently told me he likes the Kevin Henkes books but only the ones about mice so I requested some from our library. Something tells me I will have to disable the 'one click' ordering from Amazon with this kid around!


And he's all registered for kindergarten!

March 22

On Friday March 22 we have:
Bingo at David's school-went last year and had fun.

Book club with women from my church that I'd like to get to know better and I've already read the book.

Cub Scouts' Blue & Gold Banquet-we went to all five for Alex.

Baseball Tryouts-Alex is exempt but Allan is assistant coaching and wants to be involved in the draft.

Family concert at Tom's preschool the poor little mite goes to everyone else's events and this is one of his first.

We've had nothing going on the last three Friday evenings and nothing this Friday either so it really bugs me that all if these things fall on the same evening. I guess Allan will be at baseball and I will take the boys to the Blue & Gold. But I get I make a cake so that helps.

Lego American Goldfinch

And it's proud creator!


So Tom the picky eater is now eating more foods. Steak, potato, chicken in non nugget form, even chips. But for the most part we are pushing the bites in. But he is only eating baby food once or twice a week. There are two jars left and I'm not buying any more. Even though they are the only fruit and vegetable he will eat. I saw someone I know at the grocery store and the baby food in my cart was more embarrassing than the alcohol in their breath at 1:00 pm.

Seven Dogs

Do you think this means they have seven dogs?




Allan suggested Brendan must think he's a pretty good basketball player.


We got 18" of snow between last night and this morning. For some reason school was closed but the Y opened at ten. So I left Alex at home doing laundry and took David and Tom with me. The roads were pretty bad. There's a sharp curve in the road by a farm on my way and I was stopped because there was a plow backing into the road and an idiot in a big Suburban decides to pass me on the blind curve and then when she saw the oncoming truck slammed on the brakes and slid almost hitting a fence.

So I put my poor kids in childcare for two hours so I could run my ten miles on the treadmill and I thought to myself-I need my own treadmill. I do.

And then when I got stuck in my own driveway and had to shovel myself out I realized I'm crazy.

Key Lime

It was my pleasure.


Child #2's job is to show you that you know NOTHING about parenting.

IMDb Top 50

I started a project last month to watch the Internet Movie Database's top fifty movies.  There are some that I have seen and I will skip those.  And our Netflix subscription allows us only two movies per month so this will take awhile but it's a fun project.  For tomorrow: Fight Club.

Health Kits

I helped out collecting items for baby kits and the Sunday school kids assembled both health and baby kits for Lutheran World Relief to distribute.  I swear, it takes more work making the piles and supervising the kids and locating kits with missing items and redoing some of the rubber bands but it's important for the kids to be involved.

Welcome to God's Table

David and two other children are being recognized for receiving their first communion today.  David started a few months ago but we'll pray for him today and I made a cake:
I'm not 100% happy with it but I took the class 12 years ago in preparation for Alex's first birthday cake and that was the last time I piped royal icing flowers.  I used the book pan but it's begging for a bookmark and that would have to have been done ahead of time.  Color flow chalice of which I made seven in case of breakage and then discovered he had poked his fingers in six of them.  I made five more and they didn't have time to dry.  There was a crack in the neck but I think I concealed it.  Nilla wafer wafer.  Yellow cake with buttercream, royal icing flowers.


I can't believe it's March already.  I can smell spring in the air and I love it!