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Alex: "The Rock Cats pitching coach said I have gas!"

Me: "Were you farting on the field?"

Alex, horrified: "No! It means I was throwing heat!"

I was still slightly confused but from the look on his face it was a good thing.


We made it through crazy weekend. Allan cut the overnighter down to an afternoon and late evening. I left the tag sale once the rush died down after making $100 but them remembered that I had signed up to help clean up so I went back. And last night at 7pm I was still running and Allan was mowing and the little boys were playing in a dirt pile so I paid Alex to make them peanut butter sandwiches and milk and bring them in and make them wash their hands. After he realized Tom was covered in dirt up to his nostrils he demanded a raise! I had to run my last mile in a cul de sac under a street light but it all got done.

And the house was left a mess when I went to bed and not picked up before I went to the Y this morning so when Allan came back home to take his allergy meds he had to check in to make sure everything was ok! Dishes all over, powdered Gatorade on the floor, etc. I can see how he would have thought it looked like a struggle had taken place. It will be a much quiete…

Over Scheduled

You know your family is over scheduled when you dread the weekends.  Starting this evening we have:
Alex's baseball game
tee ball practice
I've rented a space for a tag sale all day Saturday
David's first tee ball game
Alex baseball pictures
Opening day ceremony/running of the bases for all teams
a Cub Scouts overnighter two hours away
another baseball game for Alex
I'm teaching Sunday school on Sunday
our church's annual congregational mtg where Allan will be nominated for council
family day at the Rock Cats minor league baseball team game which includes a two hour clinic for the kids followed by the game
and somehow I have to run 12 miles and Allan has to mow the lawn

Trying to Tell Me Something

Usually when I'm on the computer Nugget parks himself under the desk in a cave dwelling fashion.  Today he's trying to tell me something.  He's been out, fed, watered, etc.  And as far as I know none of the children are trapped in a well.

My Sister Loves Me!



I'm taking a workshop on preschool literacy and numeracy for kindergarten readiness. They talked about subitizing-when your child can grab three beans from a pile and know that they have three without having to count one, two, three. Or look at a die and know that there are four dots.

I made banana muffins for a brunch at church and had four leftover so I put them on the counter for the boys to have before Sunday school. Tom came downstairs, glanced at the muffins and said, "hey! there aren't enough for our family!" I guess he can subitize up to four! Incidentally he got to have two muffins.

Tom & Jerry

Allan set a mouse trap with peanut butter and then discovered the trap had not sprung but the peanut butter was gone.

Then he pushed a piece of cheese down hard on the trap and the mouse outsmarted him again.

Now he's at the hardware store and I feel like I'm in a real life Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Our air conditioner was leaking. The culprit was a mouse that had chewed the wires and built a nest in the compressor unit. I would so get a cat this minute if I wasn't allergic.

Chicken Chicken Chicken

I bought two big packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, seasoned them with salt and pepper and put them in the crock pot to cook all day. Then I shredded the cooked meat with my stand mixer. To make three meals:

Smoked Gouda, chicken, red onion, cilantro & barbecue sauce panini

Romaine lettuce salad with chicken, chow mein noodles, roasted almonds & Asian sesame dressing

Chicken tacos with leftover chicken, lettuce and onion plus cheddar cheese, salsa and flour tortillas

and if there's enough left I will add some carrots, celery, onion, chicken broth and fat egg noodles to make soup for chicken chicken chicken chicken!

Ice Cream @Six Flags




Big Dogger

I applied to rescue a Golden Retriever!  It might take awhile and we might not find a dog that fits into our family but I got the ball rolling and you never know what might happen.

Nugget is excited.  He's such a funny dog.  I have taken him for a ten minute walk or up to 2 mile run everyday for the last three months.  He really looks forward to it and when I get his leash he goes nuts.  We got him a two pack of bully sticks for Easter.  It's a petrified bull penis, I kid you not.  He absolutely loves them but he was working his way through his last one when I appeared with the leash. He dropped the bully stick and came running at me.  I guess if we have two dogs he wouldn't do that!


My 100% German husband loves this authentic German musli and I can't stand it. I guess I'm a mud blood.

Also Recommended

Dorco razors, prices vary but much cheaper than Gillette, Allan says they last as long and are almost as nice as Fusion. I think the Shai variety is comparable to Venus.

Pantene bb cream for hair, $7.49 Walgreens, great to protect hair before blow drying or adds shine and control to curls. Nice scent.

Tarte bb cream for face, $34.99 at Ulta and worth it. Has spf and natural looking coverage. Use the money you saved on razor blades.

Unpaid Endorsements

Weimans stainless steel wipes $3.99 at Target. A friend's sister cleans houses and she recommended them they are fabulous and I get a ton of fingerprints on my fridge.

Nuun-$6.59 for 12 servings at sporting goods stores. Just drop a tablet in 16 oz of water and in two minutes you have a sugar free, electrolyte enhanced, fizzy, flavored drink. It cuts the chlorine taste from tap water and generally gets me to drink more. I believe most runners get plenty of sodium in their diets and do not need to force fluids or add electrolytes but these are fun and I use it as a reward after a hard workout. My favorite flavor is strawberry lemonade or grape.

Chobani flip yogurt $1.25 at Stop & Shop. This is tart key lime Greek yogurt with graham cracker crumbs and white chocolate chips to mix in. Yum!

Zip fizz-$19.99 for 20 at Sam's Club. This is a nod to the hubby. He loves the orange vitamin and caffeine powder that you mix with water. It gets him going more than coffee in the …

Perfect Sunday

I got up and drove to a race while Allan took the boys to Sunday School.  I set a new personal best for the 5K (28:38-10th in my age group), collected an unexpected participant's medal, freshened up in the church bathroom and met Allan in the pew just in time for church.

Then we had lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill which is one of my favorite restaurants and picked up fancy cupcakes at a neat new-to-me bakery.

We came home, I walked Nugget and then had my cupcake and it was delicious.  Now I'm going up to start some laundry and have a nap.

And tonight is the two hour season premier of Mad Men!  Yay!


Tom wanted to look at toys at Target today and I reminded him that he spent the money he got for Easter.  He replied earnestly, "I spent the rectangle ones but I still have the circle ones!"  We put coins in the plastic eggs that we hid.

Den Leader


Teen Advantage

Do you think this would give me the metabolism of a teenage boy? House and home I tell you, house and home!


I was taking the trash out when David's bus came this morning.  He told me to not let the bus see me.  I told him the bus knows he has a mother.  He replied, "Yeah, but you don't look like any other mother!"  I was tempted to show him and his bus how quickly I could chase him down and smack him!



Food Coma

I made strawberry Jello pretzel dessert.  It's a layer of crushed and buttered pretzels, a layer of cream cheese, sugar & Cool whip, and a layer of berry studded strawberry Jello.  And today is looking just like yesterday: lunch, one slice, another slice, nap, another slice.  Except I'm skipping the nap and third slice since it's not a holiday today. :)