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Good, I just looked up the modern 17th anniversary gift guideline and it's furniture. We ordered this last weekend and it should be here next week.  


While snoozing on the couch this afternoon I somehow picked up a parasite.


There I've given birth three times and run three marathons. I'm not interested in doing either ever again.  
And they were similar, #1 was amazing, #2 was painful but quick and #3 was post traumatic stress-worthy. Here's the elevation map:

And Tom's head:


Last night between David's lingering cough and Tom's new onset cough it sounded like a twisted musical in our house. David's back in school and now Tom is out. Poor kiddos!


The race I'm running on Sunday doesn't have a bag check.  So I ordered this key safe from amazon because who wants to carry their keys for 26.2 miles? Then I realized the key area is big but isn't big enough to accommodate my key and be able to close.
Back to drawing board...

Cookies & Cake

I made the cake for confirmation Sunday and the cookies for one friend who just had a baby named Violet and the others to freeze because I'm bringing dinner to two friends due next month. And the baseballs are for my boys.

Lemon Tree

*David wanted to plant a lemon seed last weekend.
*It put the Peter, Paul & Mary song in my head all week.
*It didn't sprout.

Red Faced

I'm sitting here at my computer and I can feel how red my face is after balancing the checkbook and realizing that I placed an order from Amazon and forgot to select the free super saver shipping I qualified for by spending over $25 and now have to eat the $6.27 mistake.

I was sitting on the front step after a run waiting for Allan to come home and let me in the locked door and I ordered a combination key hiding padlock on my phone and because Amazon mobile is sneaky the shipping charge is by default and it's already shipped and...waahhhhhh!!!!!

Allan would probably pay $50 to not have to rescue me again though so it's okay.


Four loaves wheat bread, $3.96
Peanut butter ~$2.29 =2 boys' afternoon snacks plus 16 two packs in the freezer for lunches!   

My Car

Last week I got halfway to Alex's school where he needed to be at 7:15 sharp to leave for a Bronx Zoo field trip when I realized Allan had his early meeting and had to be at work by 7:30 and I was in his car with his computer. Ugh. Fortunately his parents were here to stay with the other boys while I went to fix things.  
Then on Saturday morning I got a call out of a church brunch meeting because I had his car with the bucket of baseballs and the game was starting before I would be back.  
We used to reserve the van for whoever had the most number of kids with them but after those two in a row fiascos and Tom being old enough and heavy enough to ride in a booster I'm taking my own car from now on.  
Which means: no parking brake in the garage, no sports radio, no arm rest up and no removal of my YMCA tags from the keychain.  Yay!

TV Turnoff Week


Happy Mother's Day

I ran the Mother's Day dash 5K with Alex and I beat him by two minutes!  What a gift.  And I'd better savor it because he has more natural speed than I do and he pulled a great time for zero training. 


Alex's baseball team has lost their first seven games.  The poor kids!  And coaches!  And parents!

Grandparents Day



Alex sucked his thumb until he turned four and then quit cold turkey on his fourth birthday on his own. 
David didn't take a pacifier or suck his thumb but now at age 6 has a nail biting problem.  
So we got some Thum.  With capsaicin.  We'll either succeed in breaking his habit or give him a taste for spicy food. 

Grandparents' Day

I'm so excited!  Grandpa and Grandma are coming to visit and will be here for Grandparents' day at David's school.  Last year he brought his dad.  I bet Allan felt young in that crowd.

How It's Made

The boys didn't want to watch the Red Sox get swept so they asked to watch tv in our bedroom. I said yes but Allan pointed out that they're filthy from playing outside so he told them they could watch but had to stay off our bed. Here they are watching How It's Made sitting on the footboard.


David told me this morning that he's so happy that we have mint toothpaste again. That we had it once before and then for like all of 2012 we had fruit flavored and it left a bad taste in his mouth. I'm all, kid, why did you suffer through all of 2012 and not SAY SOMETHING?! They now have regular Colgate a favorite of mine which I can use again now that I had my sensitive teeth fixed and no longer need Sensodyne so I'm as happy as David.

Mom Mom Mom

I counted today. Tom says MOM 2.5 times per minute in the car. And since my blood pressure shoots up every time I hear it I'm considering having a glass partition installed in my van.