"Aunty Biffed It"

I was already in a post marathon running slump when I went for a 3 miler with Allan a week ago Tuesday.  I twisted my ankle and fell on my right knee so hard I saw stars and had to be rescued with the car.  I had major road rash on the knee and came home to my nephew's exclamation that, "Aunty biffed it!" and also, "I've never heard of an adult falling down!"   And then I went into Boston with the kids and walked for miles and carried a 45 pound kid for at least one mile and went up and down the stairs at Fenway and rode in the car for two hours and when I got out I could barely walk.

So I decided to wait until the scab is healed before I run again.  It's looking pitiful on my Daily Mile account:

I have a 5K July 6th and then I need to ramp up so I'm ready to run a half marathon with my sister in August.  I miss the endorphins.


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