We planned to park near the courthouse but didn't realize the Whitey Bulger case was being tried there so that slowed us down. We took the T to the North End and had pizza and cannoli for lunch. Yum.  

Next we went to the Museum of Science but only had an hour and our pass only let four in so I left my mom in the lobby with Tom and sent Allan, Alex, Jameson & David in while I headed back to the courthouse to drop off the leftover pizza and grab our sweatshirts for the game.  

The Bruins were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals at the Garden so it took for freaking ever to get around. By the time we met up near Fenway and went in it was a half hour to game time. 

Unfortunately the Sox lost 6-2 but it was so cool to see the players up close and check a Red Sox game off my bucket list. We hit the team store and then spent an eternity trying to get back to the car, faced a closure of I-90 and hit home at 2 am. Fun day but so tiring.  I rolled my ankle running with Allan and skinned my knee before we left and all the walking and carrying Tom made it swell and hurt enough to ground me today. Dumb.  


LBJ11 said…
What an awesome day! We love the science museum, too.

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