Yesterday our family had three firsts:
My first ride in a tow truck.  My starter went out. 
Alex's first time babysitting his brothers.
David's first time watching Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith.
Tom's first time eating chips. 


Mom said…
Isn't that 4 firsts?
Mom said…
Actually you rode in a tow truck when our black Grand Prix broke down in Montana on our way to Seattle for Roger's wedding. The tow truck driver took us back to town and dropped us at a hotel. That night Allison and I went to see La Bamba and you and your Dad went to a different movie. Our car was fixed in the morning and we were on our way. I left the pillow Grandma Roll made me in that hotel room and have mourned it ever since.

So you were right... three firsts :)
scissorbill said…
Dad and I saw Dragnet. I remember that but not the ow truck. Odd.
Mom said…
The tow truck was bubblegum pink, how can you not remember it?

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