We picked Jameson and my mom up at the airport on Tuesday and whisked them to Five Guys for the best burgers in Connecticut. 

Wednesday we went to Six Flags and I rode the Hellevator with him and then felt a little shaken so my mom rode Bizarro with him.  Think the biggest, longest, scariest roller coaster and then you'll know what she went through for love!

Yesterday we went to a mall and then after school I took Alex to his new middle school to check out books for over the summer.  I think that is so cool, the librarian said she'd rather see the books read than sitting in the library all summer.  Jameson loves to read too and a few weeks ago he told me about a new YA book by Jeff Probst of Survivor.  We all love Survivor so I quickly reserved it at the public library and we've been waiting ever since.  Jameson and I were sitting and waiting for Alex and chatting with the librarian and she gave one of the book displays a spin and Jamie said, "there it is!"  So he grabbed it, Alex checked it out and now he's halfway through and Jameson is being a good boy and keeping the spoilers to himself! 


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