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Allison found this picture of Grandma Roll and the two of us.  It was in 2008 so Grandma was 100 years old.

Farm Safety Camp

When Alex was four I went to visit my family in North Dakota.  My sister signed Alex and Jameson up for Farm Safety Camp.  It was a free camp for farm kids set up by various agencies.  In other words, free babysitting.  We dropped the boys off and enjoyed peace and quiet.  They got an education, a Tshirt and all they could drink soda.  I seem to remember Alex drinking three cans including Mountain Dew.

I wonder if they have Farm Safety Camp while we're visiting in August.


I used to be pretty good at meal planning and lately I've been uninspired.  And of course, failing to plan is planning to fail so we've hd a lot of quesadillas, spaghetti and meatballs and breakfast for dinner.

I spent a few hours on Tuesday creating a word document with 13 meals and two desserts with recipes and a shopping list organized by categories like meat, produce, dairy.  Then I sorted the meals so the recipes with the most perishable ingredients were first and highlighted the produce that wouldn't last more than four days so I can pick them up later. 
I meant to shop Tuesday evening but I was too tired.  Then when the same thing happened Wednesday I hopped online and spent 20 minutes ordering from Peapod and it was delivered last night. I spent another 20 minutes putting it away including cutting and dividing the huge value packs of chicken and today I'm going to throw the chicken I need for quesadillas and chicken crepes in the crock pot so I can freeze it …

Rice & Apologies

Tom told me he wanted rice and apologies for supper yesterday.  It took me a second to realize he meant rice and a pile of cheese even though a tortilla and a pile of cheese is a regular meal for him. 
He also wanted more farmer John cheese on his meatballs last week. You guessed it, farmer John cheese is white, powdery and comes in a green can. 
And then there's Alex who got a little flustered leaving a voicemail for a friend and ended the conversation with amen.

Grandma Roll

My great grandma Roll died three years ago today.  Up until a few days ago I had a picture of her on my phone but now I can't find it and I'm sad.


I let the boys pick out seeds last spring. Matt picked cucumbers, Tom kohlrabi, David and Alex flowers.  We didn't start them indoors, they went out one day in May and poked them in the ground.  Then did nothing else. Now we have the varying and surprising results:

Call Me Maybe

I went with option 3 and after deleting 1,000 pictures to accommodate the smaller amount of memory am good to go.

Now back to the Royal Baby Watch.

The Dip

My phone took a dip and no longer powers on.  I had the boys at the lake and it was hot and my phone appeared to be getting overheated so I put it in the cooler on top of our drinks.  I went in the lake and more than an hour later I opened the cooler to find my phone swimming in two inches of ice water on the bottom of the cooler.  I think one of the boys went searching for his drink and knocked it down.  Whatever, my fault.  After 24 hours of rice I've concluded that the phone is dead.

And since I was never happy with the reception at home and I'm no longer under contract my head is swirling with possibilities for a new phone.  They range from:

1.  EFF the grid I'm porting my number to Tracfone.
2.  Getting a keyboard phone so I don't have to pay for a data plan.
3.  Transferring all my existing stuff to my old iPhone and thereby taking away Alex's iPod because he was using my 3GS as an iPod Touch.
4.  Switching carriers and getting a new iPhone 4S or 5


Embrace the Convenience

I used to avoid buying grill ready meat. To save up to $4/lb I will cut, marinate and skewer myself thank you very much.  
And then, I'd fail to plan and we'd eat out and spend $50.  Now I happily pay $6.99 a pound!  
Especially last week where for 9am I would drop Alex off to teach bible school and David to attend and then 15 min away Tom at Safety Town and then run or take care of errands until 11 when I would pick Tom up and kill 45 min until it was time to go back to the church and then have everyone at the lake at 3 for an hour and a half of swimming lessons. And get home hungry after five.  

Chug Jug

I met a friendly lady at swimming lessons.  She turned out to be Alex's former bus driver. She told me about these Chug Jugs from Cumberland Farms. They are $1.99 and refills including slushies are only 49¢ all summer long. The boys are in love!  Here's to you Former Bus Driver/Fellow Swimming Lessons Parent!

Season Over

Alex's team lost the semifinal game last night and the season ended abruptly.  I'm sad for him but glad to have full custody of my son and husband again!

Banana Mgmt

I bought two big bunches of ripe bananas yesterday. I'm mashing and freezing them in two banana pucks for future banana muffins.  Except I only have one squishy plastic container and each puck takes three hours to freeze. And I'm forgetful.  This could take a week!

Waked Up

Tom: "You're already waked up and you're out of the covers so why can't you get up?  Why can't you just get on your feet?  When are you going to get up and get dressed?"


We had a nice weekend!

All Stars Update

Alex's team won their first two games. Then they lost playing his best friend from church's team wherein Alex's friend tagged Alex out at home and then Alex returned the favor by catching a great hit by Samuel to center field. And tonight they beat another team 12-0 and Alex got three hits-a single, a double, and a single with an error that got him to third base. We are all enjoying watching the boys of summer after a tough spring season.


I love the missing front teeth.


David took at least three six week sessions of swimming lessons at the Y when he was in kindergarten.  He was perpetually a tadpole. Or polliwog. Or whatever they called the level one kids. 
So I stopped signing him up and felt guilty about his inability to swim.  The classes were once a week and they often have different teachers and I think he needed more consistency.  Last summer he did a daily lesson for two weeks and made some progress but didn't pass then either.  
So I decided to put him in six weeks of daily lessons this summer.  And Tom too while I'm at it.  And I'm thrilled to announce he passed level one!  Tom progressed but needs more practice submerging before he can move on. 


I found a set of keys lying in the street. They had one of those yellow rectangular key tags from a Honda dealer in another state and the tag read, "Control Room Kia Bldg" and instructions as to which door they were for. 
I called them and instead of gratitude I got confusion, put on hold, and then requested to mail them. 
I put a sign up near where I found them and stewed over the weekend.
Yesterday I decided to be a good citizen and mailed them and am out just $2.07 which is a small price to pay forward.