I used to be pretty good at meal planning and lately I've been uninspired.  And of course, failing to plan is planning to fail so we've hd a lot of quesadillas, spaghetti and meatballs and breakfast for dinner.

I spent a few hours on Tuesday creating a word document with 13 meals and two desserts with recipes and a shopping list organized by categories like meat, produce, dairy.  Then I sorted the meals so the recipes with the most perishable ingredients were first and highlighted the produce that wouldn't last more than four days so I can pick them up later. 

I meant to shop Tuesday evening but I was too tired.  Then when the same thing happened Wednesday I hopped online and spent 20 minutes ordering from Peapod and it was delivered last night. I spent another 20 minutes putting it away including cutting and dividing the huge value packs of chicken and today I'm going to throw the chicken I need for quesadillas and chicken crepes in the crock pot so I can freeze it cooked and it'll be all set for the end of the rotation.  

I feel so organized and the best part is I can use this again and even repeat the Peapod order in no time.  No, it's not very spontaneous and no, it doesn't reflect the season or weekly specials and those are the reasons I haven't done this before but at this point it's leaps and bounds above waffles again.  I wonder how many two week rotations of this menu it would take for my family to revolt.

If this works well I have five other menus saved I would just have to do the rest. 

Here's the Google Doc link provided with a warning that you will want to double check the ingredients and list before going to the store


LBJ11 said…
Pleasssssse! Send them to me! I hate meal planning (as evidenced by the number of times we eat out)
scissorbill said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
scissorbill said…
Like, I just found out today is national lasagna day and we're having rosemary chicken skewers so I can't accommodate. Boo.

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