Rice & Apologies

Tom told me he wanted rice and apologies for supper yesterday.  It took me a second to realize he meant rice and a pile of cheese even though a tortilla and a pile of cheese is a regular meal for him. 

He also wanted more farmer John cheese on his meatballs last week. You guessed it, farmer John cheese is white, powdery and comes in a green can. 

And then there's Alex who got a little flustered leaving a voicemail for a friend and ended the conversation with amen. 


S said…
Hello I found your blog via DD's Facebook group. I had been reading through some posts and this one made me laugh. I had a conversation with my son once that went:
K: "A severe chance of weather."

What I heard: "I'll do a burrito dance for ya."

Thanks for the chuckle. Needed it today. :)

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