The Dip

My phone took a dip and no longer powers on.  I had the boys at the lake and it was hot and my phone appeared to be getting overheated so I put it in the cooler on top of our drinks.  I went in the lake and more than an hour later I opened the cooler to find my phone swimming in two inches of ice water on the bottom of the cooler.  I think one of the boys went searching for his drink and knocked it down.  Whatever, my fault.  After 24 hours of rice I've concluded that the phone is dead.

And since I was never happy with the reception at home and I'm no longer under contract my head is swirling with possibilities for a new phone.  They range from:

1.  EFF the grid I'm porting my number to Tracfone.
2.  Getting a keyboard phone so I don't have to pay for a data plan.
3.  Transferring all my existing stuff to my old iPhone and thereby taking away Alex's iPod because he was using my 3GS as an iPod Touch.
4.  Switching carriers and getting a new iPhone 4S or 5

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


Mom said…
I'm going with 2
Grandpa said…
You can still go with option 4 if you're willing to go with a new contract. Ask friends or neighbors which service works best in your area first, though.

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