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Table for One

Allan came home from work for lunch on Wednesday.  Partially to see how Tom did at his first day of school, partially because the cafeteria at work is being remodeled and the food stinks, and partially because he's tired of all the restaurants close by.

I made him pork tacos with leftover pork roast.  And fresh iced tea.  He must have liked it because he showed up for lunch yesterday too.  Yesterday it was leftover steak transformed into cheesesteak melange in a pita pocket with a homemade peach muffin for dessert.

Today he can have either leftover vegetable beef soup or chicken noodle soup that I whipped up at 7 am for a church friend's family because she is in the hospital.  And honey, there are biscuits and chocolate chip cookies too!


12 years
65.5" 110 lb

7 years
47.25" 47 lb

Alex at 7
54" 69 lb

No typos!  My 12 year old is over 5'5!  And he was 22 pounds heavier and 6.75 inches taller than his little brother at the same age.  I remember being in 7th grade and being 5'7" and finally hitting 100 pounds that year.

Vegetable Soup

I've posted this recipe twice but now that I know it's grain free, dairy free, sugar free it's worth a repost. I doubled the recipe today which means I have two big pots simmering away and I only used one head of cabbage.
Recipe is here.


They all had good days yesterday!

Alex: "My math teacher is a huge Red Sox Fan!"
David: "My teacher is nice.  I made a new friend named Phillip."
Tom: "I had a good day.  I liked my snack."

And today I put together the Fall calendar and with Tom playing soccer and David and Alex playing fall baseball it's going to be a little crazy around here.  Alex starts confirmation soon and with all of this going on our weekends are going to be tied up.

First Day



For Alex's kindergarten orientation I had a newborn David in the Baby Bjorn carrier. For David's I had a three year old TomTom to chase around.  
Now that I can leave David on the playground with Alex I will be able to focus on all the stuff I already know!  
Those of us more advanced mothers should cuddle and chase the little ones so the first timers can pay attention.  I'm hoping to get a chance to play with my friend's adorable one year old today.


I'm having this picture printed for the second grade, "we are readers" bulletin board.  :)




I saw my first leaf fall yesterday.  And I'm quite sure my boys are the only three in the state that need haircuts and new shoes before school starts, ha ha.  Unfortunately we have to tackle that tomorrow.

Caveman Diet

I'm trying a 21 day sugar detox, Paleo, Whole30, no white diet.  Basically I can have anything to eat as long as it contains no dairy, grain, added sugar or sweetener.  In a way I hope the days pass and I end up feeling absolutely the same with no mid afternoon energy slump, no decrease in my belly fat or weight loss.  I have heard this diet has changed many people's lives and I have been wanting to try it.  I'm glad I waited until after I got back from North Dakota because I enjoyed all the Taco Johns and my mom's cooking very much.

I've been reading various blogs and have found that some of the paleo eaters can be sanctimonious assholes.  I promise not to judge what you eat if you promise not to judge what I eat!  So yes, that means I will be feeding my kids their usual fare.  I wish I could clear out all the forbidden foods from my house but that just won't work.

My breakfast today was 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, a smoothie made with frozen fruit, almond…

My Baby Holding a Baby

I was holding this sweet little bundle at a farm play date yesterday and Alex asked if he could hold him.  So sweet!

The Color Dash

There are several differently named versions of the same concept: a 5K run/walk where you wear white and get blasted with cornstarch based colored powder.  We did the Color Dash in Minot on August 17th.
Before Gage vs Alex before the race even began Allison
Allison and I walked and Alex and Gage ran.  Every kilometer of the race featured volunteers with buckets of powder and they would blast you as you went by.  Of course, the color green was sponsored by a John Deere dealer.  I don't have any pictures during the race because I was smart enough to keep my phone in a Ziploc bag.  I've heard of expensive cameras being ruined by the fine powder.  My mom arrived at the finish line with David and Tom and they were recruited to help throw pink powder.  Finish Line

After Color Explosion
And once everybody had finished they did a color explosion.  I had had enough so I stood back! We brought a garbage bag and baby wipes and tried to brush off as much as we could.  We changed shirts …


While we were gone Allan updated our kitchen.  We had a very odd ceiling fan hanging over the island, shiny taupe paint and dated oak cabinets with silver pulls.  Now we have lovely rubbed bronze pendant lights, eggshell finish sage green paint and dated oak cabinets with rubbed bronze pulls!

Did you know Sherwin Williams will send a paint consultant to your house to suggest colors as long as you agree to buy the paint from them?  I think the color looks great.

Home and A Story

We got in at 10:45 last night.  We are exhausted.  Allan was happy to see us at the airport.  He took out his phone because we were late getting to the baggage claim and he knew we had landed.  Unbeknownst to him, in the process his parking ticket fell out of his shorts.

We managed to get everyone and the luggage in the car and tried to exit the airport.  He couldn't find the ticket.  The attendant told him it would be $30 for a lost ticket.  He explained our story and she shrugged.  Now at this point I would have coughed up $30 and been on my way.  Not Allan.  He backed up and went back to the airport to look.  He went back to our parking spot to look.  No ticket.

A normal person would pay $30 at THIS point and be on their way.  Not Allan.  He went to another line and found a more sympathetic attendant who told him to back up and talk to the manager at the office.  He did that and with my boarding pass as evidence managed to get our fare talked down to under $6.  And then we we…


So handsome!  They taught me how to boil mouth guards. His big brother is an equally handsome wide receiver but hasn't received his jersey yet. 

North Dakota Coffee

They finally have Starbucks but it's ten miles away and not worth it so when in Rome...


I am doing laundry and packing for 12 days in North Dakota.  Allan will be home working on various home improvement projects and WALKING the DOG.  Right, honey?

David's Birthday

We celebrated David's birthday today at a mini golf/arcade. I can't believe my baby is seven.

Grown Up

I took the train table and toy bins out of the living room. Our house has grown up!

Gardening Gloves Anyone?

I weeded a garden bed wearing an old pair of Allan's gloves not even designed for gardening and told myself the next time I saw gardening gloves I would buy them. 
And today I picked up a six pack at Costco for $7.  Anybody need a pair?