The Color Dash

There are several differently named versions of the same concept: a 5K run/walk where you wear white and get blasted with cornstarch based colored powder.  We did the Color Dash in Minot on August 17th.
Gage vs Alex before the race even began

Allison and I walked and Alex and Gage ran.  Every kilometer of the race featured volunteers with buckets of powder and they would blast you as you went by.  Of course, the color green was sponsored by a John Deere dealer.  I don't have any pictures during the race because I was smart enough to keep my phone in a Ziploc bag.  I've heard of expensive cameras being ruined by the fine powder.  My mom arrived at the finish line with David and Tom and they were recruited to help throw pink powder. 
Finish Line

Color Explosion

And once everybody had finished they did a color explosion.  I had had enough so I stood back!
We brought a garbage bag and baby wipes and tried to brush off as much as we could.  We changed shirts and sat on sheets and drove right to the lake.  It was a beautiful day and we couldn't wait to jump into the cool water.  We soaked for several hours and still had color on our scalps and the soles of our feet.  My belly button was also pink and my toes were blue and they were both covered during the race. Tom managed to stain my Grandma's leather car seats and I couldn't get it off. She said she doesn't care and I hope she's telling the truth!  Forty eight hours post race we were swimming and a trickle of pink mucous poured out of Tom's nose. 

I brought the shirts home and soaked them in vinegar and hung them in the sun for four hours, then washed in cold water to set the color.  And now they are as white as the driven snow :(

 I'm glad I did it, the boys had a blast and it's a nice memory, but...NEVER AGAIN!


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