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When I had my dna tested I found a distant cousin with whom I likely share a great great grandparent.  In reading his profile I saw my great grandmother's maiden name.  So I signed up for a trial of and have discovered some really cool things.  Such as the images of: my great grandfather's WWI draft card my grandmother's 1944 Army nurse cadet card and from the 1940 census my grandparents on both sides a picture of my grandpa and his childhood family
He's the handsome man standing in the back.  

Allan found a yearbook photo from 1967 from the school both of his parents taught at and it shows his dad looking scholarly and his mom stirring something on the stove. And my descendants will have my whole blog to scrutinize!

Big Day +Craig

I had a big day on Tuesday.  I got up, applied for a job, went to the Y and cancelled our membership and then went to AT&T and got a new phone.  Yes, it's time for me to go back to work.  I suspended our Y membership for August due to travel and have gone twice in September.  I just don't need it with all the kids in school everyday.  And the phone, well, my old one wasn't holding a charge as long as I liked and I caved to the pretty colored Apple pressure.

So I put my old phone on Craigslist.  I like Craigslist because there are no fees like eBay and Paypal.  At four o'clock in the morning I got an email from someone interested.  They gave a number and invited me to text or call.  I took my mom to the airport this morning and when I was awake I texted.  The interested party and I agreed on a meeting spot, a Dunkin Donuts in Rockville.  I say Rockville because if you know the area you'll know it's not a place I'd feel safe walking after dark.  But wha…


David reading to Tom and Alex as Dennis Eckersley. 


I just found myself saying this:"Use water not pee to make mud."

3 Pancakes

I modified my mom's pancake recipe to make 3 pancakes. David and Tom like them for breakfast and I'm not a fan of Bisquick.  Mix  4 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking soda 4 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons salt 16 tablespoons powdered buttermilk (right) Mix and store in airtight container in the refrigerator
3 Pancakes 1 egg 1/3 cup water 2/3 cup mix Mix well and drop by 1/3 cup onto hot light greased skillet.  Flip when bubbles form in the center and edges look dry. 
Or, six; 2 eggs 2/3 cup water 1 1/3 cups mix


I got my DNA results from 23andMe.  Fortunately there is nothing too scary in my health info and my ancestry info is pretty boring.
My sister shared her results with me, she's a little more interesting.  I'd like to have my mom tested and see if the native portion comes from my dad.  He always wanted to be native.

The Nest

There have been several nights of interrupted sleep due to boys waking up scared around here. So I had to recreate the nest. 
The nest is a pillow and blanket in the 3' space between my side of the bed and the wall.  Anybody is welcome to quietly slip in and sleep there if they are scared. Last night, it was Tom and his three stuffed animals.  The night before it was David and Tom and in the morning they were both sound asleep with David's arm around Tom.  And Nugget enjoys the nest at night before Allan puts him in his crate.  Alex is the only bird that I have not found in the nest.

Day 23

With the exception of the following slips I've had no grains, dairy or sugar in the last 22 days.  -3 chocolate chip cookies -pumpkin spice coffee with cream and sugar -sriracha sauce (has sugar) -sausage links with sugar near the end of the ingredient list -almond milk up to a cup per day with evaporated cane juice as an ingredient 
And I feel absolutely no different.  I thought I had more energy but I don't.  I thought my skin was clearing up but now I have a breakout. I have lost 6 pounds but I am also eating fewer than 2,000 calories per day because veggies, meat, nuts, seeds and fruit are filling and I'm satiated. 
My cravings for sweets and junk are gone and I'm not sure if that's from no added sugar or the diet as a whole. 
In any event I am having dinner with Allan at the Trattoria this weekend and ordering whatever the hell I want. Plus wine, lots and lots of wine.


Tom'a preschool teacher told me she couldn't tell whether he is left or right handed. And when his kindergarten teacher said the same thing I decided to get to the bottom of it. You can put a pencil in the center of his paper and half the time he will write with his right and half the time left and the writing looks the same. 
I set up a fine motor skills task and had him sorting pom pons and fired away with the camera. 
There you have it folks, a lefty!  And after we finished I received an email from his teacher saying she has come to the same conclusion. 

That's My David


Middle School Open House

Last night Allan and I had the pleasure of meeting in Alex's homeroom and obtaining his schedule and then attending eight minute lectures from each of his teachers with a two minute hall pass break in between.  Eight teachers, one principal, two hours and we. were. exhausted.

Slumped Over

Twice while running I have seen drivers sleeping in their cars.  The first time the car was pulled on the wrong side of the road in a park and it was a young woman slumped back and apparently sleeping.  I watched to make sure she was breathing and then kept going but it bothered me enough to turn around and by then she was awake and waved that she was okay.

The last time a man was pulled over near the dairy farm about two miles from our house.  He was an older man and while his car was pulled over appropriately it really stinks there so I questioned his location.  I saw New Jersey plates and a sign indicating he was a blind salesman (a man who sells blinds!) and let him sleep.

And today I saw on a local news site that a man was found slumped over in his car and he turned out to be intoxicated.

Maybe it's because my dad had a heart attack in a waiting room and someone saw him slumped over and helped him.  Maybe it's because I've worked nights and had babies who liked to …

Painted Pumpkins

I painted them but the ideas were lifted from Pinterest :) I used acrylic paint and the minion's goggles are pipe cleaners, mason jar lids, cardboard inserts and a bread tie.


Ick, I'd rather drink the water that the flowers are floating in.


Here are my three babies each carrying the same backpack getting on the bus.  Alex was in first grade and David and Tom in kindergarten.  For the record I will officially retire the junior backpack after this year.  Sniff.
Alex David Tom


Within a week Allan will have been in Toronto, Amsterdam and Denmark.  I've been in Connecticut, Connecticut, and Connecticut.  I might have to shake things up and visit Massachusetts.