When I had my dna tested I found a distant cousin with whom I likely share a great great grandparent.  In reading his profile I saw my great grandmother's maiden name.  So I signed up for a trial of and have discovered some really cool things.  Such as the images of:
my great grandfather's WWI draft card
my grandmother's 1944 Army nurse cadet card
and from the 1940 census my grandparents on both sides
a picture of my grandpa and his childhood family

He's the handsome man standing in the back.  

Allan found a yearbook photo from 1967 from the school both of his parents taught at and it shows his dad looking scholarly and his mom stirring something on the stove.
And my descendants will have my whole blog to scrutinize!


LBJ11 said…
BTW - My yearbook was 1968. HAHAHA! I loved the census page you found with Mom and Daddy and Jim. The rest of us were born after 1940.
LBJ11 said…
Also btw - the man on the left in your family photo looks remarkably like my Uncle Fritz - twin of my Mother! I need to find a picture and get it to you.

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