Big Day +Craig

I had a big day on Tuesday.  I got up, applied for a job, went to the Y and cancelled our membership and then went to AT&T and got a new phone.  Yes, it's time for me to go back to work.  I suspended our Y membership for August due to travel and have gone twice in September.  I just don't need it with all the kids in school everyday.  And the phone, well, my old one wasn't holding a charge as long as I liked and I caved to the pretty colored Apple pressure.

So I put my old phone on Craigslist.  I like Craigslist because there are no fees like eBay and Paypal.  At four o'clock in the morning I got an email from someone interested.  They gave a number and invited me to text or call.  I took my mom to the airport this morning and when I was awake I texted.  The interested party and I agreed on a meeting spot, a Dunkin Donuts in Rockville.  I say Rockville because if you know the area you'll know it's not a place I'd feel safe walking after dark.  But whatever, we were meeting at a public place in broad daylight.  The person then tried to negotiate the price but I resisted because I knew my phone is worth more than I was selling it for, I like to list things low because they sell fast and easy.  We finally agreed and I went to Dunkins.

I'm not as dumb as I look so I got there early, bought an iced coffee and locked my purse and phone in the car after texting the person with my description.  I sat down near a table with two older couples.  I got the impression that this foursome is at the DD everyday.  I started to read my book and sip my coffee.

Then a man walked in and over to me.  He was a young dark skinned African American wearing track pants and a hoodie.  He said hi and I said hi and I handed him the phone.  He set his own iPhone down on the counter and used a tool on his keychain to open up the sim slot and then pulled a sim card out of his pocket.  He quickly scrolled through all the new phone screens and then made a call.  A third phone on his person rang and he answered it.  Then my phone rang and I saw a NY number come up.  He answered and said a few things and hung up.  Then he handed me the cash.  I gave him the cable and case that I had, stood up, shook his hand and walked out the door.

And on the way out all four of the elderly donut eaters' mouths were wide open with shock.  I smiled and got in my minivan and headed back to the suburbs.  Another five star Craigslist transaction! Enjoy that phone, good sir!


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