Day 23

With the exception of the following slips I've had no grains, dairy or sugar in the last 22 days.  
-3 chocolate chip cookies
-pumpkin spice coffee with cream and sugar
-sriracha sauce (has sugar)
-sausage links with sugar near the end of the ingredient list
-almond milk up to a cup per day with evaporated cane juice as an ingredient 

And I feel absolutely no different.  I thought I had more energy but I don't.  I thought my skin was clearing up but now I have a breakout. I have lost 6 pounds but I am also eating fewer than 2,000 calories per day because veggies, meat, nuts, seeds and fruit are filling and I'm satiated. 

My cravings for sweets and junk are gone and I'm not sure if that's from no added sugar or the diet as a whole. 

In any event I am having dinner with Allan at the Trattoria this weekend and ordering whatever the hell I want. Plus wine, lots and lots of wine. 


Mom said…
No 5 Guys when I get there? :(

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