Slumped Over

Twice while running I have seen drivers sleeping in their cars.  The first time the car was pulled on the wrong side of the road in a park and it was a young woman slumped back and apparently sleeping.  I watched to make sure she was breathing and then kept going but it bothered me enough to turn around and by then she was awake and waved that she was okay.

The last time a man was pulled over near the dairy farm about two miles from our house.  He was an older man and while his car was pulled over appropriately it really stinks there so I questioned his location.  I saw New Jersey plates and a sign indicating he was a blind salesman (a man who sells blinds!) and let him sleep.

And today I saw on a local news site that a man was found slumped over in his car and he turned out to be intoxicated.

Maybe it's because my dad had a heart attack in a waiting room and someone saw him slumped over and helped him.  Maybe it's because I've worked nights and had babies who liked to be up all night and I know sometimes you have to pull over before you fall asleep on the road.  Maybe it's because I am cautious and always aware of my own safety and hate to approach unknown vehicles.  But I hate hate hate seeing people sleeping in their cars.

So what do you do when you see someone slumped over?


Grandpa said…
The only ones I've seen slumped over have been men waiting for wives who were shopping or getting beauty 'treatments'.
LBJ11 said…
Wow, I've never seen anyone slumped over. I wonder if I am not observant?

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