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Apparently when I was a kid I carved my name into my bedroom door. It was my name, my handwriting complete with a backwards S and my door and I still denied doing it. 
I can't wait to ask Tom if he wrote his name on our garage door to see if the apple fell far from the tree.

Cinnamon Rolls: 1, Me: 1

Oh look the series is tied.

Cinnamon Rolls

Our church has a bazaar on Saturday and I wanted to make cinnamon rolls for the bake sale. Good thing I made them ahead of time and planned to freeze them because after baking and frosting seven pans I realized they were still raw in the middle. I tried to rebake them but the icing started to burn before the center ones got done.  So I had to perform a center rollectomy on each pan and freeze them for my family and redo the church ones.  Ugh.  Here they are before the discovery.  They look fine to me!  Good thing I have four eager taste testers or I would have never known.

First Dance

Dear, sweet nephew, when you send your Auntie a picture of you dancing with your girlfriend at your first school dance she will put it on her blog because she can't keep it to herself.

Halloween Party

The boys love going to Allan's work Halloween party. 


I really need to get some laundry done so I set the alarm on the washer to alert me when a load is done. It must be close enough in pitch to our electric fence because now I know it's time to switch loads because there's a seventy pound golden retriever in my lap.


There are fifteen pages of records on my ancestor who served time in Leavenworth Federal Prison.  I called the National Archives and gave my credit card number to pay the copy fees. Funny, they had no issues accepting the card number from the relative of a counterfeiter!


If you look at the picture of David in the post below he's pulling his hair.  I think he has trichotillomania.  He used to rub his face on the carpet at circle time in preschool.  Then he had a bad nail biting thing last spring.  He has moved a new habit and I'm afraid he's going to get a bald spot.  When I told him this he said, "is that what happened to Dad?"


I'm amazed at how a few words from a stranger can change your outlook. I was running a marathon in May and a girl just ahead of me started walking at the foot of a hill and I joined her and as I walked past I said, "You are pacing really smart keep it up." Or something like that and after the race she saw me and told me that those words meant a lot and helped her to finish.
And today Alex was the starting pitcher his team's first playoff game.  He threw his maximum number of pitches and was taken out with the score tied 4-4. Because they lost the game he was feeling badly and walking to the parking lot with his head hung and the opposing coaches said something to him about how well he played and how glad they were when he was forced to retire.  It made such a difference.  Allan and I could have talked until we were blue in the face and it wouldn't have made much of a difference but a few words from a stranger can mean a lot.

Dads & Donuts

There are two boys who are very excited to bring their dad to school for Dads & Donuts today. Allan and I see that it's a thinly veiled ploy to sell books from the book fair but he's being a good sport as usual. I'm just glad there is no Moms & Muffins!


Today is the first den meeting for the new wolf scouts. I made these for Alex way back when so I had to make them for David too. Since I had to make these egg and peanut free I used Skittles instead of M&Ms and just left the noses off.


Nugget is nine today!
He was looking a little depressed when I tried to take his official portrait but I captured his happy dance on the living room floor a little later.  
He lays on his back and wiggles while moving his paws up and down. You say it's your birthday? Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah. It's my birthday too, yeah!

Day Off

Here's what you do when you have a day off from LEGO. David built something and it wasn't quite right so the expert had to reconstruct it.  

Apple & Pumpkin Picking



Allan comes back from Denmark today and we have a three day weekend together!

Ta Da

I made an ambitious to do list yesterday and then because I had written it down I felt obligated to complete it even though I was tired. 
-Make hair appointment -Make eye appointment -Make Tom's 5 yr physical appointment and flu shot appointments for all three -Update calendar -Figure out voicemail. We have an answering machine but our cordless phone was displaying VM and I didn't know how to retrieve it. It took a crazy long time on the phone with AT&T to learn we don't subscribe to VM and the phone is wrong! -Sort through six Rubbermaid bins of hand me down clothes to find fall clothes for David and Tom and I ended up with two full bins to donate so I ran them to St. Vincent de Paul. And I ended up cleaning the boys' rooms in the process.  -Walk or run. I have a half marathon on Saturday  -Sort all laundry and wash, dry, fold & put away 3 loads -Sweep basement floor. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and the kids created a huge mess in the basement. Incidenta…


I love getting pictures via the backpack express! Alex had his done later so I have to wait.


I was riding with a friend and I asked her if the road we were on connected with another road and she said yes, right by the KFC.  And I said KFC?  And she said yes, it has a nice pavilion haven't you seen it before and I'm imagining buckets of chicken and biscuits and explained that I normally take another road and bypass the area and how in the world did I miss a KFC so close to my house and right near where Allan drives home from work.

And then a half an hour later it hit me.  She was saying K of C as in Knights of Columbus.  And yes, I've seen that place dozens of times.


We are wrapping up fall sports.  Today Alex is playing at 10, Tom is playing at 11 and David at 1.  Of course, he gets to take the boy who hit a triple and I get to take the boy who lays down in the soccer field and convinced the high school aged assistant coach to tickle him while he should be playing.


What do you do when you wake up and you can only find your Georgie and Hippie and can't find Birdie and it's 6:00 am and you are four and a half? 
Why, you wake up your 7 year old brother who knows to look in the nest in mom & dad's room.

Black Sheep

I found another interesting thing while researching my family tree.  
I knew my great grandfather's brother had been convicted of counterfeiting money and as my grandma said on the phone today, "he was no good."  
But now I have his date of birth, incarceration date and inmate number from Leavenworth federal penitentiary. I'm sending for his records tomorrow, that should be interesting!