Ta Da

I made an ambitious to do list yesterday and then because I had written it down I felt obligated to complete it even though I was tired. 

-Make hair appointment
-Make eye appointment
-Make Tom's 5 yr physical appointment and flu shot appointments for all three
-Update calendar
-Figure out voicemail. We have an answering machine but our cordless phone was displaying VM and I didn't know how to retrieve it. It took a crazy long time on the phone with AT&T to learn we don't subscribe to VM and the phone is wrong!
-Sort through six Rubbermaid bins of hand me down clothes to find fall clothes for David and Tom and I ended up with two full bins to donate so I ran them to St. Vincent de Paul. And I ended up cleaning the boys' rooms in the process. 
-Walk or run. I have a half marathon on Saturday 
-Sort all laundry and wash, dry, fold & put away 3 loads
-Sweep basement floor. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and the kids created a huge mess in the basement. Incidentally I ended up vacuuming up dozens of dead spiders. Is that normal? Why so many and why so many dead?  I saw a couple live ones. 
-Make paper mâché Jack O'Lantern mask. I looked all over for a beach ball to do a full headpiece but it's not beach ball season and we don't have one. I'm not sure I can find a big enough balloon either so I'm going mask.  
Since I got it all done I'm not making a list today. I'm just admiring the one from yesterday because with everything crossed off its a Ta Da list not a To Do list. 


LBJ11 said…
In the future, you can often find out-of-season things at a dollar store. No guarantees, but it is an idea.

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