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We got our bowling done here in Pennsylvania. Our nicknames were Butch, Bitch, Crutch (broken toe,) Stitch (the chin,) and Twitch. Sadly, the names had to be entered by the staff so we had to go with our real names on the screen. But look at my score! Only four of my five strikes utilized the bumpers we had up for the kids. 


Poor David.  We had just arrived at a bowling party for scouts when he tripped and landed with his chin on the ball and split his chin open. 
He has four stitches.  Last week Alex had his fourth broken bone and now David is on his third wound closure. He fell when I was pregnant with Tom and bit through his lip requiring stitches. He fell down the stairs shortly after we moved into this house and split his eyebrow open requiring surgical glue and now this. Tom has only had one trip to urgent care for a Lego in his ear and he's not doing that again! Boys!!


Most parents have stepped on a Lego but I'm pretty sure I'm among the select few who've sat on one. I had this in my back pocket and even though I have a fair amount of cushioning it must have been arranged pointy side in and it was a hard wooden chair. Ouch!


Awww, look what my husband brought back for me from his business trip!

Knit vs Purl

I wish I could find the image source for this. It's not mine but it sure is cute!

Back to Work

After four years of being home with my kids I'm going back to work!  I miss nursing so much and the job is at a rehab center.  I did ten years of hospital nursing and I know my skills in that area are rusty but I think I will quickly get back up to speed for this job.  I'm excited!

Comminuted & Cabled

Alex broke his toe by stubbing it on a door frame. The second bone is crushed and he is in a walking shoe and out of sports for four weeks. Right at the start of basketball season.
And I learned to knit cables. So that's the theme of the week-comminuted and cabled.  


Here's a cringeworthy line from an email we received from Alex's language arts teacher:
As always if you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance in assisting your student LMK. Where LMK stands for let me know.  I would love to let her know how I feel about that abbreviation!
Or perhaps I'm just out of touch and this is the way we communicate now.  I'm the dork who types things out and has my phone set to autocorrect UR to your and b4 to before because they don't look right to me.


Allan's car had mouse nest under the hood. 🐀

Homework Help




Happy Birthday

It's Allan's birthday and for the first time in several years it has landed on a weekend.  So we are giving him a whole day of familial love and servitude.

He needs it to recover from the 'Happy Fiftieth Birthday' card he got from his dad.  I might pick up a happy thirtieth one to heal the wound.

The Nest

It's getting old. Almost every night when we go upstairs to bed we find the twins in the nest.

250 Recipes

I have 250 recipes pinned to my 'Recipes to Try' board on Pinterest and feel like I've been making the same old things.  So this week I'm going to try these:

Take It Easy Tortilla Soup
Crispy-Skinned Chicken a l'Orange
Orecchiette with Wilted Spinach, Kale, and Toasted Pine Nuts

Beer Bread

My little helper has grown up so I don't need the extra flour.


Dave and Tom went to all the same houses trick or treating. I stood at the curb with my friends while the kids went door to door. David ended up with twice as much candy as Tom. I asked him why and he said, "When people held the bowl out and let us pick I guess I was just greedier."