Dave and Tom went to all the same houses trick or treating. I stood at the curb with my friends while the kids went door to door. David ended up with twice as much candy as Tom. I asked him why and he said, "When people held the bowl out and let us pick I guess I was just greedier."  



Grandpa said…
Number of pieces divided by number of houses equals ? Then you'll know if David was greedy or if Tom only took very small amounts. Or both. At least they didn't say to the homeowners "Gimmee the swag or do I hafta muss ya up."
LBJ11 said…
You'd think Grandpa was a math major. Seems to me that SDavid was trying to figure it out, too. And that's what he came up with. Cute answer!
LBJ11 said…
BTW Grandpa - that was supposed to be funny - doesn't exactly read that way :-(

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