Happy Birthday

It's Allan's birthday and for the first time in several years it has landed on a weekend.  So we are giving him a whole day of familial love and servitude.

He needs it to recover from the 'Happy Fiftieth Birthday' card he got from his dad.  I might pick up a happy thirtieth one to heal the wound.  


LBJ11 said…
I think my brother has officially lost his mind - or maybe he wants to make sure he wishes him a happy 50th when the time comes so he sent it early - no, I'm betting he lost his mind. 🃏🎂😘
Grandpa said…
What mind? I just like to round up to the upcoming decade. Truthfully I couldn't find any funny cards at all. At least it's better than when I send Mike a funeral card, probably for his 30th. That message was sort of "awwww, sorry for your loss" sort of thing.

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