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I'm done with orientation and on my own working my regular shift.  It's going well so far but fitting the hours into my day is challenging.

I like to shower when I get up in the morning unless I plan to run later.  I also used to shower after working in the hospital to get the germs off before going to bed.  I will be taking two showers a day five days a week if I do both and in the winter that's hard on the skin.

I like to eat dinner between 5-6 but don't get a break for a four hour shift so I'm either going to have to eat at 3:30 before I go or at 8:15 or so when I get home.

I am going to be getting dressed for the day and then changing into scrubs later and coming home before bedtime.  Last night I showered and put on pajamas.

I'm sure I'll figure it all out but for now this is a weird deal.  Especially compared to my last job where I'd get up at 6, shower and get ready, work from 7-7:30 where I'd eat both breakfast and lunch and then come ho…


Alex to David and Tom: "Time to take a break we've been on the Wii for an hour."

D&T: "Why?"
Alex: "Because we don't want our brains to turn to mush and our eyes to start bleeding."

The Gaaden

Alex's Christmas gift. And Allan's too since I'm home and he's there.



Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas



My sister gave my mom and I a really nice card making kit for Christmas and she told us to open it when we had a couple of hours to ourselves.

So when the boys were in school I put on The Carpenters Christmas album and we made cards. It was fun! I took pictures excluding us in our pajamas. 
And I even used one of the cards already for Tom to thank his teacher for a Christmas gift. Thanks, Goose!

Group Gift

Who wants to organize a group gift? No one.
Who wants to give a group gift? Everyone.
Who wants to receive a group gift? Teachers.

I organized for both David and Tom's classes.  Before Thanksgiving I sent an email to all the parents and asked if anyone wanted to join me in a group gift card and if anyone had any ideas as to where the card should come from.  I had 8 yeses from the second grade and two suggestions of a craft store/Michaels or JoAnn's and four yeses from the kindergarten with one suggestion to a local outdoor mall but Tom's teacher lives an hour away so I opted for Target.

I sent the interested parties an email on Dec 3rd asking them to either Paypal, mail, drop off or use the backpack express to get their contribution in increments of $5 to me by Monday December 16th because I was going to pick up the cards on Wednesday and deliver today.

I collected $80 for second grade and $40 for kindergarten, added in $20 to the first and $10 to the second, bought card…

Green Face

We went to Allan's work children's holiday party and there was a face painter there.

Tom asked for a green face. There was also a balloon artist!
After we got home I put him in the bath and tried a washcloth with soap, makeup remover wipes and Cetaphil. I rubbed him red and still didn't get all the green off. He had a few light shadows that I thought might come off in the morning.

The next day it looked like it was gone and he went to kindergarten.

I got a call from his teacher letting me know that his color looked off so she sent him to the nurse who sent him back to class because she couldn't find anything wrong.

What a sweet, caring teacher to notice that he didn't look like his usual self. Too bad the little guy didn't think to mention the face paint to her!


My first day is behind me!  I forgot how comfortable scrubs are. Today was all RACE and PASS, infection control and such so it was boring but I'm thrilled to be earning a paycheck again.


This is my last week as a stay at home mother.  I was looking forward to getting some things done on Monday and there was a two hour snow delay with no kindergarten.  Then Tuesday brought midday snow and another kindergarten cancellation because the buses run midday since kindergarten is half day.

And finally on the first day with some kid-free time after I did my classroom volunteering and had my last TB test planted and did a few shopping errands it was time for the bus to return.  So I'm changing sheets for my mom's visit, catching up on laundry and getting shit done today.  Including blogging.  Some highlights from the last few days:

*I bought a pound of ginger at the Asian produce market ($1.49!) and made homemade ginger ale.  Delicious!

*We figured out that Bailey is probably part Labrador Retriever and part Kangaroo:

After I recorded this Nugget wanted to try so Allan had it waist level and he wasn't getting it so Bailey leaped over him and grabbed it.  It was hi…

Soda, anyone?

I believe it was on Black Friday that Allan and his dad and I were sitting in the living room discussing Amazon wish lists. I put the Soda Stream on my wish list.  Allan argued that he didn't think it was a good idea because soda isn't good for you and the machine is expensive and I told him you can get natural unsweetened flavors to make the flavored seltzer that I love. I put it in my cart and *almost* bought it. 
We were home a week and I put something on Craigslist and found a good deal on a used machine. I arranged to pick it up and did so. I was so excited when I got it home and the seltzer was as good as the kind I buy. 
Allan got home from work and snarled at me that he had ordered me one for Christmas. 
And the next day I opened the door to find a Soda Stream from his parents for Christmas and my birthday. This one came with a sampler of the different syrups and the boys had been begging me to make them orange soda so I decided to resell the Craigslist one and keep the n…

Wine Glasses

My new stemless wine glasses are deceiving.  My friend came over and we had a glass of wine one afternoon and I was pretty buzzed.  I couldn't figure out why until I did the volume test: 6 oz, 1 serving 17 oz, nearly three glasses!  I will have to be more careful. 

Home Dentistry

I shuddered the entire time as Allan yanked David's loose front tooth.  All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Last Chapter

Somebody looks cozy reading the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Grandpa's recliner.   When he finished I bought a pack of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. I don't recommend trying to be the cool mom and tasting vomit flavor. The boys didn't mind soap, David hated earwax and sausage and I'm pretty sure my nephew got grass. I was giving him the good flavors and he must have liked them because he grabbed a random one out of the pack and then shook his head back and forth after eating it and lost interest in more!

Student Society

At Alex's middle school the kids receive scores in each class based on effort and enthusiasm. Students receiving at least a 2.5/3.0 earn a purple wristband designating membership in the Student Society. 
It's like a frequent flier club!  With the band you are allowed to use the bathroom without having your departure and arrival time tracked. You get a dollar off each dance ticket and during free period you have access to a lounge. I want in!
Note how he's not showing his left hand. He has a bandaid where he sanded his finger on a belt sander in shop class. I guess nobody's perfect.

Tom's Fifth Birthday

Tom's Fifth Birthday, a set on Flickr.


Before I even say it let me reassure the grandparents by saying we will kennel this dog when we visit you we would not subject you to a puppy or two dogs ever. 
We brought a new dog home on Sunday. We met with a rescue rep many months ago and I've been watching the site and inquiring about a couple of dogs and decided the expense of another dog isn't good with me not working. So when I accepted the job I ramped up our dog search. 
Baylee was born 12/1/12 and given as a gift to a nine year old girl.  The father bonded with her and it sounds like the mother was not a fan. So when the father moved out Baylee was sent outside and with cold weather approaching and the dad staying at a hotel he surrendered her to the golden retriever rescue. 
She was spayed and sent to a foster then to a sub foster for thanksgiving. We went to meet her and have Nugget meet her and most of us fell in love. 
She's half golden with some Labrador retriever mixed in, 50 lbs and very sweet. She has slept …

Five Year Stats

Tom @ 5: 45" 45.8 lb
David @ 5: 43" 40.4 lb
Alex @ 5: 48.25" 52 lb

Bigger Big Boy Bed with Brother

It seems like yesterday we were graduating Tom from a crib to a big boy bed with Thomas the Tank sheets.

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma he has more mature Ninjago covers. And a jealous brother to share them with!