Before I even say it let me reassure the grandparents by saying we will kennel this dog when we visit you we would not subject you to a puppy or two dogs ever. 

We brought a new dog home on Sunday. We met with a rescue rep many months ago and I've been watching the site and inquiring about a couple of dogs and decided the expense of another dog isn't good with me not working. So when I accepted the job I ramped up our dog search. 

Baylee was born 12/1/12 and given as a gift to a nine year old girl.  The father bonded with her and it sounds like the mother was not a fan. So when the father moved out Baylee was sent outside and with cold weather approaching and the dad staying at a hotel he surrendered her to the golden retriever rescue. 

She was spayed and sent to a foster then to a sub foster for thanksgiving. We went to meet her and have Nugget meet her and most of us fell in love. 

She's half golden with some Labrador retriever mixed in, 50 lbs and very sweet. She has slept quietly all night in her crate both nights. She and Nugget enjoy playing and she's great with the kids. 

We solved her leash problem by using a gentle leader. She loves dog toys and bones but hasn't touched shoes, kid toys or anything else that's not allowed. The first day she tried getting on the couch about a dozen times, yesterday about six times and so far today, not at all. 

She has had some accidents in the house but I'm confident these can be corrected. 

She barks trying to get Nugget to play and cries and barks for a few minutes when crated during the day. This drives Allan crazy and I can tell he's withholding affection for now. 

I'm committed to watching her constantly and crating her when I can't and knowing she can hold it for ten hours reassures me that the four hour shifts I will be working will not be a problem. 

I need to ask the vet when she can run with me, that will be nice!

I'm not a fan of creative spelling so I had her tag printed with 'Bailey.'


Grandpa said…
She looks like a golden labrador with the short hair. Once she's trained, she sounds like a good fit. It may extend Nugget's life, now that he's got a playmate.

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