Group Gift

Who wants to organize a group gift? No one.
Who wants to give a group gift? Everyone.
Who wants to receive a group gift? Teachers.

I organized for both David and Tom's classes.  Before Thanksgiving I sent an email to all the parents and asked if anyone wanted to join me in a group gift card and if anyone had any ideas as to where the card should come from.  I had 8 yeses from the second grade and two suggestions of a craft store/Michaels or JoAnn's and four yeses from the kindergarten with one suggestion to a local outdoor mall but Tom's teacher lives an hour away so I opted for Target.

I sent the interested parties an email on Dec 3rd asking them to either Paypal, mail, drop off or use the backpack express to get their contribution in increments of $5 to me by Monday December 16th because I was going to pick up the cards on Wednesday and deliver today.

I collected $80 for second grade and $40 for kindergarten, added in $20 to the first and $10 to the second, bought cards and bought the gift cards.  The JoAnn's cashier gave me a cute teacher's calendar with coupons in it to wrap and I found a cute Pez dispenser/gift card combo at Target so I had a physical thing to wrap up.  I signed the cards from the Smith, Jones and Anderson families and had them ready to go for today.

Then at 1pm I got an email from someone in David's class asking if it was too late to send money.  I said no because I gave $20 to make an even hundred and if you want to give me $10 I can make another card.  Then when Tom got home he had a $20 bill in his backpack in an envelope from someone who initially said yes and then didn't get money to me.  I sent her money back to her.  TOO LATE!  I didn't want to harass people to get their money.  It was completely voluntary.  I also didn't want to chase people by setting the amount and buying ahead of time then collecting because I've seen too many people get stiffed this way.

I was all set to say that I won't do it again but then I thought of the teachers.  It's nice to get $100 to a craft store rather than 9 coffee mugs.  So next year I will send a reminder email.  Or hope either the district outlaws teacher gifts or someone else steps up to collect.


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