I'm done with orientation and on my own working my regular shift.  It's going well so far but fitting the hours into my day is challenging.

I like to shower when I get up in the morning unless I plan to run later.  I also used to shower after working in the hospital to get the germs off before going to bed.  I will be taking two showers a day five days a week if I do both and in the winter that's hard on the skin.

I like to eat dinner between 5-6 but don't get a break for a four hour shift so I'm either going to have to eat at 3:30 before I go or at 8:15 or so when I get home.

I am going to be getting dressed for the day and then changing into scrubs later and coming home before bedtime.  Last night I showered and put on pajamas.

I'm sure I'll figure it all out but for now this is a weird deal.  Especially compared to my last job where I'd get up at 6, shower and get ready, work from 7-7:30 where I'd eat both breakfast and lunch and then come home, eat, shower and go to bed. And since I only worked two days per week the extra showers didn't make much difference.  I also got 24 hours of work into two days and now I'm only clocking 20 hours a week but I will have three extra commutes a week.  


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