This is my last week as a stay at home mother.  I was looking forward to getting some things done on Monday and there was a two hour snow delay with no kindergarten.  Then Tuesday brought midday snow and another kindergarten cancellation because the buses run midday since kindergarten is half day.

And finally on the first day with some kid-free time after I did my classroom volunteering and had my last TB test planted and did a few shopping errands it was time for the bus to return.  So I'm changing sheets for my mom's visit, catching up on laundry and getting shit done today.  Including blogging.  Some highlights from the last few days:

*I bought a pound of ginger at the Asian produce market ($1.49!) and made homemade ginger ale.  Delicious!

*We figured out that Bailey is probably part Labrador Retriever and part Kangaroo:

After I recorded this Nugget wanted to try so Allan had it waist level and he wasn't getting it so Bailey leaped over him and grabbed it.  It was hilarious.

*Alex is back on his feet and participating in all activities.

*Basketball starts for all three boys this weekend.

* has free shipping today on all orders.


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