Soda, anyone?

I believe it was on Black Friday that Allan and his dad and I were sitting in the living room discussing Amazon wish lists. I put the Soda Stream on my wish list.  Allan argued that he didn't think it was a good idea because soda isn't good for you and the machine is expensive and I told him you can get natural unsweetened flavors to make the flavored seltzer that I love. I put it in my cart and *almost* bought it. 

We were home a week and I put something on Craigslist and found a good deal on a used machine. I arranged to pick it up and did so. I was so excited when I got it home and the seltzer was as good as the kind I buy. 

Allan got home from work and snarled at me that he had ordered me one for Christmas. 

And the next day I opened the door to find a Soda Stream from his parents for Christmas and my birthday. This one came with a sampler of the different syrups and the boys had been begging me to make them orange soda so I decided to resell the Craigslist one and keep the new one. 

Turns out Amazon wishlist items remain on the list even if someone buys it. And it turns out I like the new machine better because the top tilts and the bottles are easier to screw on. And the bottle is newer (they expire) and I don't have to wonder of the previous owner followed the directions like no washing with hot water. 

And Allan is returning the one he got me and hopefully buying me the egg mcmuffin maker I want :)

But there for a moment at the suggestion of my family I considered opening a roadside soda stand.  Cheers!


MonkeeMommy said…
Why can't you wash the bottles with hot water?
MonkeeMommy said…
Why can't you wash the bottles with hot water?

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