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Someone changed my I love my three boys LEGO vignette. 

Olivia's House

Since I don't have a little girl to build LEGO dollhouses with I got one to build myself. And I suddenly had three offers of help ;)


I got this text from Allan as I was leaving work:"you'll love this... Bailey brought a dead bird in the house in her mouth.  No idea if she found it or caught it"
(Oh my!)

Operation Taco Soup

After coming to my rescue when Allan went to Denmark Arlene was recruited to help me make thirty servings of taco soup to fight world hunger through my church.   We worked well together and it was actually kind of fun. 


We toured the Harriet Beecher Stowe house. Mark Twain in the second pic will have to remain on my to do list. The third was a private home, then belonged to an insurance company, and is not open to the public.  

The Big Dogs

A few years ago the was a tshirt that said something like, "if you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch."

I was taking out the recycling this morning when both dogs followed me into the front yard. Then a Fedex truck pulled into the driveway with a package.  Bailey ran to the front step and cowered and Nugget attempted to board the truck and kiss the driver. 
Just another example that Nugget is the big dog around here.  
And hey, speaking of Fedex, since I've been earning an income I've ordered a few things that I once considered too extravagant: Three bottles of wine from my friend's direct sales wine business. Rudy's BBQ 'Sause'-friends of ours from Texas introduced us to this years ago and we love it but shipping costs more than the bottle. Poo Pourri and the even more useful travel sized spritzer. Real biscuit cutters (instead of a glass), a microplane grater, and a replacement ice cream scoop.  Now the old ice cream scoop will turn up…

Wine Awake

I had four glasses of wine on New Year's Eve. I woke up at 3:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep.  
I'm pretty sure my mistake was reading up on alcohol causing insomnia.  Two days later I had a single glass of wine right before bed and the same thing happened. 
So other than five one ounce tastes at a wine tasting last Sunday afternoon I'm teetotaling. I'd rather sleep than drink.

Weird Dog

There's enough room on that dog bed for two dogs but she likes to hang her head off the side.

West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster

I love a good breakfast sandwich and I love a good gadget.  My mom got us the West Bend Egg and Muffin toaster ($59) for Christmas and it does not disappoint.

It's built like a huge plastic tank.  It toasts up to four slices of bread.  It poaches two eggs and steams two slices of meat.  It can also hard boil six eggs.  My typical sandwich has an English muffin, one egg, a slice of Canadian bacon and a slice of cheese and costs 88¢ with Costco pricing.

Cleanup is easy, you can put the various parts in the dishwasher.

photo courtesy West Bend


Alex's first basketball game went well. He played his friend Samuel's team and the score was tied much of the game. Then Alex scored to bring it to 18-20 and again for 18-22. He made six baskets! #proud

I'd Be Pink

We are so busy today I feel like I need to use five different colored markers to create a visual aid so we know who is going where with whom at what time.

Ring My Bell

Bailey rings the cowbell that I hung on the back door when she wants to go out. It's adorable!