The Big Dogs

A few years ago the was a tshirt that said something like, "if you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch."

I was taking out the recycling this morning when both dogs followed me into the front yard. Then a Fedex truck pulled into the driveway with a package.  Bailey ran to the front step and cowered and Nugget attempted to board the truck and kiss the driver. 

Just another example that Nugget is the big dog around here.  

And hey, speaking of Fedex, since I've been earning an income I've ordered a few things that I once considered too extravagant:
Three bottles of wine from my friend's direct sales wine business.
Rudy's BBQ 'Sause'-friends of ours from Texas introduced us to this years ago and we love it but shipping costs more than the bottle.
Poo Pourri and the even more useful travel sized spritzer.
Real biscuit cutters (instead of a glass), a microplane grater, and a replacement ice cream scoop.  Now the old ice cream scoop will turn up.  


Mom said…
The poo Pourri in the travel size works but tends to spritz itself in your purse. Mine emptied itself that way :(
LBJ11 said…
So the Poo Pourri actually works! Love your splurges!

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