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Home Depot

Allan's scouts had a private kids workshop at Home Depot and made birdhouses last weekend. All the boys were there and they listened well and had a great time.

Day Fourteen

Fading but still beautiful. Like our love. ?

Snow Sugar

I loved the Little House on the Prairie books when I was younger. In one of the books Laura and her family make maple sugar candy by boiling the syrup then drizzling it on snow.  
I tried it with fake maple syrup and it just sunk into the snow. My mom yelled at me for making a mess. Nothing unusual there. 
I took David and Tom to a winter festival on Sunday while Alex and Allan were at a UCONN men's basketball game. We got to see real huskies and watch them pull a sled. 
They had sugar on snow so I had to buy it. 
It came with a sour pickle and an apple cider doughnut for $4.50

It was awful!  I think the sugar was burnt. Oh well. The doughnut was good.


We are taking a proper vacation this summer for the first time in years.  We have had a couple of short trips and a couple of visits to ND and PA but the last time we went away with the whole family for a full week was before David was born.  
Allan's hopefully securing a rental house in Ocean City, NJ today.  It is six months away but I can't wait!


They look so pretty opened up!

Fort Fart

David and Tom have been begging to build a fort in the living room and sleep in it for months. I promised them February vacation would be the time to do it and they didn't forget.
I worked Saturday night so I walked into the house at midnight and as soon as I got into the living room I smelled gas and knew that Allan had let them sleep in their fort. 
So I named it Fort Fart. They got two nights in it because Alex slept at a friend's on Saturday and he wanted to join them. 
But with school back in session on Wednesday they're all in their own beds. They were all cranky today and Tom fell asleep in front of a movie this afternoon.  So long, Fort Fart.


So the snow writer is back.  Now it says I heart Alicia and Prom? Yes!
I pulled over in my car and tried to take a picture when a fedex truck drove by. The driver asked me if I was Alicia. I was laughing so hard the picture didn't turn out. 


From him to me:
From me to him:
12 bottles of Pinot Noir.  Okay so this is also for me but he can enjoy my roses too.


Alex is selling carnations for student council today. They will be delivered to the lucky recipients on Friday. I want to sneak in and take a picture of my big boy and then buy a carnation for every girl who won't otherwise get one. 
Don't worry all you nerdy girls. I made it through middle and high school and since I got a call from ProFlowers about Allan's order suspect that flowers are on their way for me. He was worth the wait!

The Mess

I put together spaghetti sauce for the crock pot, made banana bread, had a friend's little girl over, made valentines and had two friends for coffee and now I'm too tired to clean it all up.  I should have been too ashamed to let people see this mess and now here I am putting it on the internet!

The Gift

Last night I got home from work and saw  a grey piece of rubber on the floor and figured it was a piece of a dog toy. As I tossed it in the trash I saw a face. 
I squealed like a girl and Allan told me I was crazy. Then he looked and saw that it was probably a mouse carcass.  
I had a conference with the boys and told them they have to check her mouth before allowing her back in the house after she's been outside.