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Family Game Night

I'm hosting a family game night at our church tonight. We have 23 people signed up. David and Tom modeling the oatmeal cream pie medals for the game winners: And the cake: I made an Upwords game board display to advertise it: And just ordered pizza: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom/onion/green pepper. I hope everyone has fun.  

International Business Man

This was the first week Allan was in Denmark that I didn't have family help.  I hired a mother to come over at 5:30 and feed the boys and send them to bed at 8.  It went well and she did the dishes! But I'm sooooooo ready to have him back.  
I'm bringing my Husky Hat to work and once the administrators are all gone I'm wearing it.  I like both the men and women.  I've been tempted to show up at Gampel pavilion during a women's game and sign autographs.

Go Huskies

To think, when I woke up today I had no idea I would be spending $3 on a foam fan hat.


I bought a used book. It has an inscription. I feel like I stole it.  And I got into the Marine Corps Marathon! Me and 29,999 other runners. I can't wait. 


I can see why the word bitch has come to mean more than just a female dog. Bailey will chew a bone until it's soft and then Nugget will exert his dominance and steal it from her.  Even though there are other bones the entire time he is chewing she sits right by his ear and barks in a repetitive, high pitched, particularly annoying bark. Bitch, bitch, bitch, all you do is bitch at me!


My friend convinced me to sign up for three 5Ks and earn a medal at each that combine to make a shamrock. O'Putnam was 3/9 (38:08), O'Niantic was 3/15 (34:27) and O'Hartford was today (33:26) Alex ran 32:27 today and David and Tom ran the kids' races. I ran 500 yards with T and Allan did 1/2 mile with David. 
So fun!


My first project on double pointed needles. I have to give a shoutout because I bought the class and watched the videos online.  They made it easy to follow and I'm a visual learner so it was perfect. 
Up next: gum paste flowers (cakes) and the five French mother sauces (cooking.)


If you use AT&T Wireless it's worth a look at your account.  We were paying $100/month for 300mb of data and they now offer 2GB for $90/month.  Yeah, I switched.

90 Day Eval

We've had Bailey for three months now.  She's a good girl and I even saw Allan petting and cooing at her recently. She's really perked Nugget up too. Her bad habits include jumping on people and whining in the morning after she's been let out of her crate I think it's because she missed us overnight.  But I think we'll keep her.

Woo Hoo

I just discovered a delicious Chinese restaurant that is on my way home from work and accepts online orders!