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Dog Docs

I didn't create this meme but these dogs look so much like my own I had to do a double take.  They also eat poop.

<3 Ebay



I like the chemical soup French vanilla coffee creamer. In an effort to cut the junk out I tried half and half and sugar. Not as good.  I tried the natural bliss kind. Not as good and I use twice as much. I guess it's back to Coffeemate.


I enjoyed my week off.  Maybe too much.  This week stinks so far.  I had to work late both Monday and Tuesday and I missed Alex hitting his first home run in his first game of the season.  And this morning I broke my favorite coffee mug.

It was a watermelon mug and I initially bought it for my sister because she  loves watermelon but she was living in Texas at the time and I didn't want to ship it because it's big and heavy.  And then I became a coffee addict and a big mug is a good thing.  And now it's gone.  Boo.


Alex made this in art class. Ignore the reflected brother :)


I had visions of making one for each boy's basket and started last night. After another two hours tonight I decided this is going to be one lonely bunny!


We have a laundry problem.  Allan's shirts get dark greasy looking spots on them. I don't notice them on other clothes but they really show up on his dark cotton twill button up shirts. 
I don't use fabric softener or anything other than Tide and I have tried other brands. The spots don't come out with regular stain remover but I discovered a squirt of Dawn direct foam will take them out. Warm water wash and a front loading machine followed by a warm tumble dry is my current routine. 
Any ideas?

Palm Sunday Cake

It's a white cake with all butter almond buttercream.  I used Wilton piping gel in a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off to fill in the stained glass areas and then prodded it into place with a toothpick.  

Alarms Off

Today is the last day of school before spring break!  And I took the week off so 4/5 of us are on break. 
As each bus alarm on my phone goes off I'm turning it off on my phone. Oh, the thrill.


Alex asked me at 6:22 am, three minutes before his bus comes if I had anything tropical he could wear to school because today is tropical day.  Ugh!  I was at Michaels and Five Below yesterday if I had known I could have picked something up.  But in three minutes?  I had nuttin.


Me: Tom, do you have any pets?
Tom: Yes, dogs
Me: What are their names?
Tom: Bailey and Nugget
Me: What kind of dogs are they?
Tom: Golden Retriever and half Labrador and half Golden Retriever
Me (surprised that he knew this!): So that means her mom was a Labrador and her dad was a Golden Retriever?
Tom: What?! You're a Labrador and Dad's a Golden Retriever?

Okay so he's not as smart as I thought.  Or...I am a Labrador.

Didn't You Hear Me Yelling at You?

I had an interesting experience this afternoon.  I volunteered at the mileage club at the boys' school.  It's a PTO program where the kids get punches for each lap around the school yard and when they get 20 punches which is over 5 miles they get a small plastic foot token.  It's offered during lunch recess for about a dozen times in the Spring and Fall.  For each season the child with the most punches in his or her grade level earns a football, basketball or soccer ball.  And the grade level with the most punches wins an extra fifteen minutes of recess one time.

The coordinator showed me and another mother the ropes which involved passing out cards to interested kids and punching them once they'd completed their laps.  She was highly organized with color coded cards divided up by teacher's name in different plastic filing envelopes and then had a separate piece of paper for each grade level to mark the tokens handed out.

And then she supervised us.  She told a …

Level 6

Tom is reading at level six! They have to be at four to pass kindergarten.  He skipped from 4-6 and continues to amaze us.

Kill List

Bailey has taken out:
a bird
a mouse
a moth
a pair of panties
countless LEGOS
a pair of disguise glasses
countless rawhide bones
a deer antler
another moth

Who's The Fool?

I short sheeted the boys' beds before work yesterday. 
Tom is too short so he didn't notice. David said what the heck? And Allan said mom must have made your bed wrong. 
Alex was the only one fooled and he forgot it was April fool's day.


Yesterday I got up and put my running stuff on, ran and showered and put on regular clothes to do my shopping and changed into scrubs at three.  Three outfits. 
Today I got up and put on nicer clothes to volunteer at the school then came home and put on clothes suitable for cleaning the house/knitting on the couch and will change again before work. 
But clothes worn for 1/3 of a day aren't dirty (except scrubs and workout clothes) so I'm trying to 'save' them to cut down on laundry. 
Then I develop the dreaded pile of half dirty clothes. Ugh. Maybe I should just wear scrubs all day. They certainly are comfortable.


Me: Tom, why are you so handsome?Tom: Because I had combing last night.