Didn't You Hear Me Yelling at You?

I had an interesting experience this afternoon.  I volunteered at the mileage club at the boys' school.  It's a PTO program where the kids get punches for each lap around the school yard and when they get 20 punches which is over 5 miles they get a small plastic foot token.  It's offered during lunch recess for about a dozen times in the Spring and Fall.  For each season the child with the most punches in his or her grade level earns a football, basketball or soccer ball.  And the grade level with the most punches wins an extra fifteen minutes of recess one time.

The coordinator showed me and another mother the ropes which involved passing out cards to interested kids and punching them once they'd completed their laps.  She was highly organized with color coded cards divided up by teacher's name in different plastic filing envelopes and then had a separate piece of paper for each grade level to mark the tokens handed out.

And then she supervised us.  She told a child, yes you can get your new card today since you filled your last one but made no move to help.  And she told us ahead of time that if the kids cut corners they were to not receive a punch for that lap.  But it was such chaos with the kids waiting for punches we didn't have time to police the corners.

Apparently she did because she approached me and claimed I punched the card of a kid who had cut a corner and, "didn't you hear me yelling at you?"  I couldn't help it, I laughed at her.  I said, "It's kind of loud out here!" I volunteered to see the kids and encourage them to be active not to police corners.  I'm so glad I didn't sign up again.  She can rest easy knowing a child didn't earn 1/20th of a plastic token for only walking or running .23 miles instead of .25 next time!


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