We have a laundry problem.  Allan's shirts get dark greasy looking spots on them. I don't notice them on other clothes but they really show up on his dark cotton twill button up shirts. 

I don't use fabric softener or anything other than Tide and I have tried other brands. The spots don't come out with regular stain remover but I discovered a squirt of Dawn direct foam will take them out. Warm water wash and a front loading machine followed by a warm tumble dry is my current routine. 

Any ideas?


Mom said…
Try washing them alone in hot water.
LBJ11 said…
Weird - And if hot water doesn't work - try cold water.
But before I'd try anything - try to do a load with just Dawn and hot water (not too much Dawn though) and no clothes. Maybe there is something in the tub.
LBJ11 said…
Did you discover the problem? Or the solution?

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