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Baseball Game

Poor Alex was looking forward to a 13th birthday celebration Red Sox game with his friend who is also turning 13 but he got too sick to go. 
David went in his place and it was a great game. There was a near brawl and an extra innings walk off home team victory. 


Our first date was 19 years ago this weekend.  Want to watch Braveheart and have dinner at Applebees in remembrance, Allan?

All Handsome

Today is Red, White, and Blue day at school.  I set a polo/golf style shirt out for David that has all the colors.  He claimed he didn't have an appropriate shirt.  He tried a light blue one.  I insisted he wear the one I laid out and he said, "how come I have to look all handsome just for school?"  All handsome is, apparently, anything other than t-shirt and athletic pants.  Sigh.


I'm allergic to everything right now. I'm using Zyrtec, Alaway eye drops, Nasacort nasal spray and last night I had to break out my inhaler. Which was refilled exactly one year ago. Fortunately it only lasts a few weeks.


Alex's coach's wife is a photographer.  She posts the pictures she takes on a website for the parents to download.  Here are three shots I really like from the past week.
Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata The team faced the 2013 undefeated team for the second time this season after having given them their first loss since 2012.  The boys knew Seraphin Ford would be gunning for them.  It was a close call but we won 9-7.  Alex was the closing pitcher and really handled the pressure well.

In these pictures you can see yesterday's game which they won 5-4.  In my favorite play Alex caught a pop up to center field and fired the ball home to his buddy at home plate and Jordan got the second out.  Alex and Jordan have played on at least half a dozen baseball teams together and I love it when they collaborate like this.
Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata I'm going to have to get a photo of Allan in the dugout keeping score with David stuck to him like glue as…


The advantage of having a dad that works at LEG0 I wonder if he looks funny paying for product with pennies.


Throwback Thursday
Thanks to the movie reference I know this was after July 29 1998.  I was in school in Ohio and visiting my family in ND.  My sister and I took our cousins age 11 and 8 to this movie.  And their brother was four or so months old.  I had to check my handy dandy family birthdays notecard that my mom started for me.  Matthew was added in my writing along with the next generation. I love it.

Go Mom

I asked for a poster and full support for the Mother's Day 5k. And I got it! 

Special Persons Day

David brought my mom.  Tom brought Allan. I vacuumed my car.

Sincerely, David


Rock Cats

We caught a Rock Cats game yesterday.  It was a nice day for baseball and the boys' school chorus sang the national anthem so lots of friends were there.  It was pink in the park day and I got a free hat.  The Rock Cats won and Alex caught a T-shirt.  But because it says Connecticut Breast Health Initiative he didn't want it.  I tried to convince him to wear it to school and tell the girls he's a trained inspector and he just looked at me like I'm crazy.  David got Rocky the mascot's autograph. Tom may have noticed there was a baseball game going on.  Maybe. 


My mom and I went to New York on a bus trip on Saturday.  I gave her an early Mother's Day gift and we went on a Chelsea Market food tour through Foods of New York.  It was so much fun.  And delicous!  You can watch the tour video to see a portion of the tour.  The Food Network is upstairs in the market building and the Manhattan Fruit Exchange place Darrel mentions in the video is where they get all the exotic fruits and vegetables you see on the shows.

Jabba's Palace

This set is for ages 9-14, 717 pieces and might I mention costs $119.99 and Tom built it himself in about two weeks.