Alex's coach's wife is a photographer.  She posts the pictures she takes on a website for the parents to download.  Here are three shots I really like from the past week.
Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata
The team faced the 2013 undefeated team for the second time this season after having given them their first loss since 2012.  The boys knew Seraphin Ford would be gunning for them.  It was a close call but we won 9-7.  Alex was the closing pitcher and really handled the pressure well.

In these pictures you can see yesterday's game which they won 5-4.  In my favorite play Alex caught a pop up to center field and fired the ball home to his buddy at home plate and Jordan got the second out.  Alex and Jordan have played on at least half a dozen baseball teams together and I love it when they collaborate like this.
Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata
Photo Credit: Elke Sgarlata
I'm going to have to get a photo of Allan in the dugout keeping score with David stuck to him like glue asking questions and learning about the game.  And Tom, smelling the feet of the players' younger sisters and announcing, "they smell like pancakes!"


Mom said…
Ask the coach's wife if she'd mind getting that picture of Allan and David. GO ALEX!!
scissorbill said…
Good idea

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