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Dog Whisperer

Look who coaxed a neighbor dog in our house.


I came home a couple of days ago after leaving the boys home alone.  I didn't pull into the garage because I wanted to grab them and go.

I walked up to the garage door and started organizing a box of chips we keep out there when I heard a low, scary growl coming from Bailey inside the door.  If I was a thief I would have turned tail and ran because she sounded so vicious.


I heard the microwave and David walked up to me with a little smile. "I know how to use the microwave." 
I asked him what he was microwaving and he said nothing.  
Yeah, clearly if the kid is microwaving nothing he doesn't know how to use it.

Wii Are Brothers

Tom is too lazy to play Wii. 

Quilted Wall Hanging

David brought home the picture on the left that he made in art class for Grandma Arlene while she was here.  She used it to inspire the quilted wall hanging on the right.  It turned out beautiful!  I'm going to send these pictures to the art teacher.

Adventure: Hartford

I was going to bring the boys to the Connecticut Science Center today but we saw umpteen school buses around the building and once we got inside there were hundreds of kids there.  So we decided to walk to Bushnell Park to ride the carousel.
Far right red arrow to the green space in the center of the map.  A fair walk but it's a nice park.  Once there we watched a heron dive into the pond and eat a carp.  We found some bread to feed the ducks and fish and played on the playground.  Sadly, the carousel wasn't open yet.

At the park I looked up info on the Dash bus.  It's a free downtown area shuttle bus that promised to stop near the park and at the convention center where we had parked.  I asked two mounted police officers if they knew where the stop was.  And then two random people.  Nobody knew.  I tried to use Siri to guide me and it was a disaster.  I had it set on car instead of foot so it routed us waaaay around the park when all we would have had to do was cut thro…


I had a visit with my PCP yesterday and he encouraged me to sign up with a website that tracks my conditions, prescriptions, vitals, labs, etc.  It's really cool.  Except the part where they have me listed as being 7'1" tall.  I can't correct it myself.  I should make an appointment and complain that I seem to be shrinking at a rapid rate.  Heeeellp!  I'm shrinking!!!!  Shrinking away...

Happy Birthday, Alex & Happy Father's Day, Allan



I've been itching to knit socks.  I bought a craftsy class, ordered yarn, got new needles, watched the video. But I had a dish cloth, a gift for my sister and a scarf all in progress. 
And then I casted on that headband. I had to talk myself out of starting that first sock numerous times. 
So with Allan away and my time off this week I finished the headband.  Then the dish cloth. Then my sister's gift. And put the scarf in hibernation and look:

Red Heart Reflective Yarn

Head band without flash:

And with flash:


Our first marital coffee maker was upgraded, one died, one was sold on Craigslist and one was returned within 3 days of purchase. Number five was a $12 Mr. Coffee that I bought solely to make a whole pot during playgroup and when I sold the Keurig became our main machine (no features not even auto shut off.) 
Coffee maker #6 is a Breville YouBrew. It has the features I wanted most: burr grinder (more even grinds), timer, thermal carafe. It also has a single cup feature using beans.  So you can brew 1-12 cups.  
There's a sealed hopper up top that holds 1/2 lb of beans. And a clever door that closes during the brew cycle to keep steam from entering the grinding mechanism which was our major complaint with the Cuisinart. The remaining coffee would then stick to the walls and not come off easily. This unit has a brush that snaps into the top to help you keep it clean. 
 You can fill it with up to 12 cups of water and it only uses what you ask it to so you don't have to fill it every…

Field Day

Second graders wear red, kindergarteners yellow.

Orange Team


Random Thoughts

1.  I've been at my job for six months and until a week ago was wearing scrubs from my former job and hadn't bought a single new work article of clothing.  I got three new pairs of pants and couldn't resist a baseball print top.

2.  David and Tom have field day tomorrow.  I managed to dodge the volunteer signup even though:

3.  I took Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday off!

4.  My sister is coming for a visit in July and she has never been to Boston.  I simply must take her on a duck tour.  No question.  And to Legal Seafood where I shall have their famous clam chowder and drink a Cape Cod and whatever else tickles my fancy.

5.  Allan is in Denmark again.  Poor guy.  He gets sleep and good food deprived while he's there and he had to miss Alex's final Little League semi final game last night which they sadly lost and now the season is over.

6.  But Alex made the summer All Stars team.

7.  I hired a babysitter to watch the boys while I'm working and as I w…


This time of year marks 20 years since my high school graduation, 19 years since Allan and I started dating, 18 years of marriage, 15 years since my college graduation and soon it will be Alex's 13th birthday. Wow!

Ice Cream Truck

I loathe the thing. It can be heard for miles around here. And it just drove through at 7:59 pm on a school night. My kids can hear the music from their beds.

Look What the Dog Dragged In


Tee Ball

Tom is the one in the center in the green shirt with the black shorts.  I just noticed his glove is on the wrong hand.  Not that he even noticed there was a ball game in progress...