Adventure: Hartford

I was going to bring the boys to the Connecticut Science Center today but we saw umpteen school buses around the building and once we got inside there were hundreds of kids there.  So we decided to walk to Bushnell Park to ride the carousel.
Far right red arrow to the green space in the center of the map.  A fair walk but it's a nice park.  Once there we watched a heron dive into the pond and eat a carp.  We found some bread to feed the ducks and fish and played on the playground.  Sadly, the carousel wasn't open yet.

At the park I looked up info on the Dash bus.  It's a free downtown area shuttle bus that promised to stop near the park and at the convention center where we had parked.  I asked two mounted police officers if they knew where the stop was.  And then two random people.  Nobody knew.  I tried to use Siri to guide me and it was a disaster.  I had it set on car instead of foot so it routed us waaaay around the park when all we would have had to do was cut through it.  That's the point in the center of the green to the point just above it but we took the blue route there.  It was hot, we were hungry and there was road construction going on.  I had to carry Tom on my back.  We finally found a deli and ate lunch.  Neither of the deli employees had heard of the Dash bus.  While I was sitting I looked at the map and found a stop .3 miles away.  We walked there and rode the nice air conditioned bus right back to our car.

Our route is yellow and the Dash bus route is blue.  It was over two miles!  Ooops!!!  But next time we'll know exactly what to do.

Allan and my mother have been on enough of my adventures to understand what the boys experienced.  But they must have some of me in them because they didn't complain too much.  And since they got their exercise they're enjoying an extra hour of screen time.  Overall it was a beautiful summer day in a beautiful city.  


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