Random Thoughts

1.  I've been at my job for six months and until a week ago was wearing scrubs from my former job and hadn't bought a single new work article of clothing.  I got three new pairs of pants and couldn't resist a baseball print top.

2.  David and Tom have field day tomorrow.  I managed to dodge the volunteer signup even though:

3.  I took Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday off!

4.  My sister is coming for a visit in July and she has never been to Boston.  I simply must take her on a duck tour.  No question.  And to Legal Seafood where I shall have their famous clam chowder and drink a Cape Cod and whatever else tickles my fancy.

5.  Allan is in Denmark again.  Poor guy.  He gets sleep and good food deprived while he's there and he had to miss Alex's final Little League semi final game last night which they sadly lost and now the season is over.

6.  But Alex made the summer All Stars team.

7.  I hired a babysitter to watch the boys while I'm working and as I was driving to work yesterday a half hour before she was due at my house I saw her driving down the road with her first grader in the front seat.

8.  I'm knitting a birthday gift for my sister and I'm 3/4 done and have lost my motivation.  Her birthday is July 6th.

9.  So I've struck a deal with myself that I can only watch the new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix if I'm knitting.

10.  I'm sitting here all sweaty from a run and am going to shower and go to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new coffee maker.  I'm still on the quest to find the perfect machine.  2009-Keurig and 2012-The Scoop


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